Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ack! I want to come back, I do!! Another venture is taking up pretty much most of my online free time, but I'll work on a balance.

In the meantime, I see OS on Tuesday, and he's been so sweet lately. I feel much more well-adjusted about our situation, and I'm seeing other people and just enjoying that he's back to the guy I loved hanging out with so much before. What will happen in the future? Who knows. But for now I'm not stressing about it (too much!) And yeahhhh I'll still always delete the know-it-all advice emails about him. They're just so holier-than-thou and make me go "Blah blah blah" in my head as I press "Reject!"

So here's what I need from the collective universe right now, and feel free to put forth your mental energies toward it. Not too much mental energy, mind you. Maybe just an "oh please!" or two. I've got a big date with Original Sporty on Tuesday, and he's promised to be verrrry good to me. But it's also smack dab when I'm supposed to be "indisposed," to use a lady-euphemism. Can the universe please postpone my "indisposal" time by 3 days? Pleeeeease? Just three little days?

Ugh, but I'm bloated and breaking out--that's so not a good sign. If the Monthly Gods give me until Wednesday, I promise the Blogging Gods I'll be a good little dating blogger and update more often. Prommmmmise!!

Stay tuned to hear about the other dude who's entered my life (you've heard of him before!). He's trying to court me pretty actively, and we're due for a lovely dinner Monday night. Let's see how that goes! He recently told me "You could have any guy you want." Haaaaa. If he only knew!

--Cute Jewess