Saturday, December 29, 2007

More details later, but sometimes you just don't know how a date is going until the end. We seemed to vibe so well--constant conversation, and I'm sure he was into what I was talking about. So much that when I tried to shift the conversation to him, he declared that we weren't done with me yet.

Then he ends the night with a cheek kiss and a "Nice to meet you." That's literally the equivalent of saying "I had a fine time, but I won't call you."

And I liked this one.

Hell, I'd even just fool around with him I think.

But maybe that wouldn't be the best idea anyway. Okay, the full story another time!

--Cute Jewess

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Jdate dudes seem to want to move quickly this time around--which is actually a plus, I think. Why email for ages, get a bit attached, and then meet the guy and realize it's not right or not gonna happen?

Another dude I emailed wrote me back--I'll call him No Smile, because he won't in his pics. Loverville would say to be wary--she's big on teeth. But he's tall, cute, and seems decent. Only problem? He doesn't live in Manhattan. Cutting right to the chase, No Smile asked me, "Hey, let's have a drink in my area." We've been over this, folks. The girl takes more time to get ready, has hair and makeup to do, and she wears more uncomfortable shoes. Who do you think I expect to travel? Besides that, it's just the gentlemanly thing to do. So instead of writing back, Sure! Let's do it, I wrote--why don't you come to my neck of the woods?

I wasn't sure what No Smile would write back. Was his invitation a test to see if I would come to his parts? I would. Just not on a first date. But to my surprise he was just lovely about coming to my area. So we've got a date set for this weekend. Nothing I'm too invested in, but I think that's the best way to go into it.

Get ready for another Jshrimp on the barbie, folks! Yeah, I don't know what that means either.

--Cute Jewess

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feel like some Jgoings on for Xmas?

I emailed 3 dudes on the Jdate, one of whom read the message a couple hours ago with no response (yet), which is a shame because he seemed to have a great personality. Also, I was invited to chat with a guy whose pic I'd seen on the site before but never clicked on because he just didn't look my type. Not quite a guido, but with certain guido-y aspects. I'll call him Boro, since he grew up in the boroughs. Turns out his profile was well written, and he seemed like a decent enough guy, so we had a bit of a chat. We'll see if he gets back in touch, though he seemed to want to.

There's been lots of texting/emailing with the FAF lately. For those of you who might not remember (it's been so long since I mentioned him!) that's the Former Almost Fiance. Although I remain certain we're not a romantic match, I still have caring feelings for him, and I'm glad to say we're becoming true friends. We'd always stayed in touch to some extent, and I hope things continue to go well with our new relationship.

But after my dating hiatus, I am so ready to continue dating more. So bring it on, Jdate. Just remember douches need not apply :-)

--Cute Jewess

Monday, December 24, 2007

Is this what Jews in the computer age do, blog on Xmas Eve? Well, this one does :-) A very merry crazy happy or at least not too painful with the family and the stuff Christmas to my goy readers and my dear friends. Moving on.

Sooooo I arrive on time (as usual) to the upscale lounge where I am to meet Pompous. I may not have recognized him, I'll admit. He didn't look like his pictures--definitely not as cute. But still, he was an attractive enough guy. Who wore his jeans belted high on his waist. Loosen up a bit, buddy. Erm, okay...

Actually, the fact that he wasn't unapproachably good looking could have been a plus in my book. However, the conversation just never flowed. We do share a similar sense of humor, and we were able to quip and talk just fine, but some kind of connection was missing. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's any fault of my own. Pompous seems somewhat lacking in the personality department--though I do get the feeling he's one of those people you just need to get to know better.

I don't think I'll get the chance.

I would have gone on a second date with Pompous, but I'm expecting him to call like I'm expecting the Spears family babies to grow up well-adjusted. Pompous pulled the "I'm tired" line, and he left with a "Nice to meet you."

It's a shame, because I do think we might have warmed up to each other, but I'm not too broken up about it. I didn't feel a massive connection either. Perhaps it was too much to hope for this soon back on the Jdate bandwagon.

But do we Christmas Jew Bloggers browse Jdate on Christmas Day? Hey, sure why not? For now I'm cozying up with a TiVo movie and a frozen dinner. It's merry enough.

--Cute Jewess

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pompous was supposed to call today so we could discuss where we would meet tonight. He has not yet. He still has about 5 hours, but I find myself (of course) preparing for the worst: silence.

Or, if we do meet tonight, I'm trying not to seem like I might be more interested than he is, which could very well be the case. Whatever happens, there is no way I'm calling him if he said he'd do the calling.

Can you tell I'm still nervous?

Thankfully I will be wearing one of my two power-dresses (not sure which one yet), which always give me an extra boost of confidence and make me feel more attractive.

*A few minutes pass.*

Okay, I'm feeling less nervous. Less invested. And hell, I'm kind of tired. So if we don't go out tonight, that won't be the worst thing. But who knows how I'll feel in a couple minutes? :-)

UPDATE: Place set. Dress chosen--it's Hottest Guy I've Ever Slept With dress, and it's hot. Shoes, accessories all ready. Cute Jewess is gonna look her finest tonight. But will she be interesting? Funny? Not too reserved? I haven't been this excited about a date in a long, long time. Wow--consulting my date notebook, it seems I haven't been truly into a guy since Big Smile, which was late August. For goodness sake--no one I've been really into and y'all are still reading the blog? Must be for the horror stories, then, eh?

--Cute Jewess

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cute Jewess is officially back on the saddle. Or will be, tomorrow, when I have my first return-to-Jdate-date. With whom will remain a mystery for the moment, to build the suspense. I am sure you're at the edge of your seat about it.

I called Eager, and we spoke. He explained he had just been so taken with my photos, and Jdate is "addictive," and so he apologized for coming on strong. We had one of those conversations that's not bad, but not brimming with sparks. He asked a lot of questions, which is not my preferred way to get to know someone. I'm more of a "let's just talk" gal than a "Q&A" gal. I think Eager purposely didn't ask me out on the phone, to seem less eager. I left the conversation thinking that if he got in contact again, I'd meet him. And if not, then I would be entirely non-broken up about it.

As to Pompous? Oh, Pompous. He seems more perfect every day we email. He actually makes me laugh via messages--not an easy feat. He's super successful, tall, has great pics, shares similar interests to me, and hasn't seemed so pompous lately...Of course now I'm going through the "Oh God he won't like me in person" anxiety. I emailed my friend Single, a single dude who online dates a lot, and I asked if he'd mind looking at my profile pics and telling me if they're representative. I assured him that my ego could take the truth. According to Single, "I think they’re great pics, and entirely representative. They also show '[CJ] is cute, as you can tell from the pics, but also obviously up for fun.' And you’re smiling in the pictures, which is always a good thing."

So whom am I going on a date with tomorrow? Oh, you guessed already didn't you? Pompous and I are meeting, and I am nervous!! I'll probably break out a dress for the occasion. I have a couple stand-bys that are very figure flattering. One of them Best Friend remembers as the Hottest Guy I Ever Slept With dress (he first saw me from behind, in the dress, and according to Best Friend, who was watching his face, he enjoyed the view). I've had it for about 7 years! The other stand-by is also about that old, but dudes still seem to love it.

Now I just have to be as charming as can be and remember all the things I tell myself about relaxing, being myself, not too uptight, not too guarded, etc. etc.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to it.
--Cute Jewess

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guess who emailed again today? Oy.
I know the "best" thing to do is just not respond. To vanish. I know that's what would be in my best interest. But...oh, I just can't. I wouldn't feel right about it. He's just so eager, and doesn't seem like a bad guy, just one who can't control his impulses. To stop now would seem so...mean.

But I also couldn't let things go on like this. I let Eager know--as tactfully as I could--that he was coming on too strong. Eager replied something very sweet. Honestly, if he'd just cut his emails in half I wouldn't be so wary. I let him know I would return his phone message when I was able, and I will hope he doesn't contact me again before then. So that's where we are with that.

Trust me, if it comes to a date, it will be in my neighborhood and somewhere very populated. Perhaps even a place where I know the bartenders in case I need to send an S.O.S. If nothing else, I may have to work out a plan with a girlfriend to call me in the middle of the date with an "emergency."

I'm seeing Best Friend tonight for the first time in ages!! Exciting. It'll have to be an early night, though, because I've gotta get home to bake cookies for the Shrink. Ha. The life of a single Jewish NYC girl during the holidays--of course that would include cookies for the shrink! :-) Actually, I'm seeing him about once a month now, and I'm not sure I have much to talk about. Still, whenever I do start seeing a dude(s) again, I think it'll help to have him around. So count me as mostly well-adjusted, with a possibility of spazzing in the future.

--Cute Jewess

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

See? Two posts in one day! Eager is getting...eagerer. And yes, now I'm starting to get a bit freaked out. He asked if we could meet, and I suggested we speak first over the phone. (What? Cute Jewess has learned something after all these months of Jdating? Go figure!) He left me a voicemail message that was sweet, charming, and totally acceptable. Except. Well. When I didn't call right back, he emailed me again. Like, within an hour. To say he hoped I wasn't over him yet.

Um. Wait.

When was I under him?

Okaaaayyyyy. I'm Jback on the Jbandwagon. So expect more blogging from me, I think. I would've written Jblogging, but duh, you get the picture.

Last night I emailed three guys, whom I will rank in interest as 1, 2, and 3. Within minutes of contacting them, 1 and 3 wrote right back. And they said that ancient oil lasting 8 nights was a miracle.

Both 3 and 1 deserve nicknames. 3 I will call Eager. Because Oh. My. God. Here's the thing, though. He's smart, cute (at least from far away pics--hmmm), writes well, keeps in shape...there doesn't seem to be much wrong with him. So why has he written me 6 emails for the 2 I've sent him? Right away, he wrote me 2 emails. Then another hours later to ask if he'd scared me away. And then another when I didn't write back right away again. Yikes! Clearly he is not adhering to typical online dating email ettiquette. But also, clearly, he really likes my profile, as he's told me several times. And I tend to like it when guys express interest. So, despite the feeling of "yikes," I will consider Eager a definite maybe.

Then there's 1. Oh, 1. He's handsome, well educated, funny--we both have that dry sarcasm going on. But I think I've got to name him Pompous. His email back to me puts him (in my mind) in that category of guys who know what they've got and are eager to let you know it too. But there are worse sins. And the humor. And the looks. And the success. (In that order.) It's enough to keep on communicating to see where it goes. If the email pomposity gets worse, however? Then I'll reconsider.

So we'll see! There are more guys I would contact, but I haven't delved in completely yet. Too much work to do before the end of the year. Better get crackin'...

--Cute Jewess

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flirty High Guy is psychotic. For real now. Psychotic.

So I go to Brill's holiday party, and I see lots of Brill and her fiance's friends, whom I don't get to see often at all, but whom I've known for years. So there's the hi, the catching up, the wine, the food, the normal chit chatty holiday party stuff. Best Friend stops by the party for what she'd call "a hot minute," and I feel great just seeing her--it's been a while! So lah di dah, party going along swell.

EXCEPT. Flirty High Guy, can you just leave me alone? Please? I was working what I was calling the "Zone of Safety" at the party. Any time I'd see FHG, I'd go to the kitchen and declare it a safety zone. Or I'd find a friend and hide behind him or her. FHG? Was in rare form. Kicking chairs around, dropping food and drink everywhere--even once forcefully spewing a bottle of water all over the floor. Lovely, no?

And oh, it gets better.

Last year around this time, Brill, her fiance, and a big group of some of the people at the party went out to dinner. I was at the far corner of the table seated with (why?!) FHG and another dude I'll call Sweet Pea--because he's a sweetheart of a guy, and small. I had forgotten that FHG and Sweet Pea were trying to get me to "choose" one of them throughout the night. Apparently I was very diplomatic and said they were both fine in their own ways but I would decline the option. You know, something like that.

At the party, Sweet Pea was being perfectly charming in the way a guy will flirt when he knows nothing's really gonna happen. "So, what would it take, CJ? Flowers? Do you like flowers? What have your boyfriends done to win you over?" Then FHG comes over and starts the whole "You have to choose one!" mandate again. If you don't choose, you're boring! You have to choose! Yeah, I go to the Zone of Safety.

Throughout the night, there would be more conversation with FHG when I couldn't avoid it, and I was perfectly diplomatic--this is Brill's fiance's very good friend after all--but really he knew he was being a jerk, and I just kind of shrugged it off. Such as:

FHG: Can I have naked pictures of you?
CJ: Nope, can't say that's gonna happen.
FHG: Oh come onnnn, why not?
CJ (sarcastically): Guess you'll just have to imagine.
FHG: No, that's what the pictures are for. So I can imagine having sex with you.

FHG: Why do I get more and more attracted to you?
CJ: Because I keep saying no.
FHG: How about you stay over my place.
CJ: Nope.

Yes, FHG was drunk as hell, but he's also kind of just like this.

Toward the end of the party, there's just a few of us, including Gentleman, Brill's fiance's friend from out of town whom I also know and like hanging out with. Brill and Fiance suggest heading to a bar nearby, and we do. So it's 3 gals and 3 guys, including FHG and Sweet Pea. I sit near Brill, and we've got a wobbly table full of drinks and candles.

As soon as I saw FHG coming, I blew out the candles. Homeboy's a fire hazard. He leaned on the table, nearly sending all the drinks flying, and I was just getting pissed. Enough already. "Come on, FHG," I said, "Just sit down." FHG grabbed my glass of wine and swirled it around, getting wine all over the stem for me to hold. "That's great," I said sarcastically. I had been pleading with him to just put it down. But no, he has to pick it up again and procede to spill--in full 3D flying arc motion--the glass all over my dress.

I was not happy, but I wasn't yelling yet. "Can you please go get me some napkins," I said in a very annoyed voice. Brill looked to her fiance, but he shrugged. "What am I gonna do, kick him out?" Ya know what, Fiance? Yes. Kick him out. Or at least say to him, "Hey, why don't you leave CJ alone buddy." But of course Fiance was drunk too, if perhaps not as gone as FHG. Still...

Gentleman leaned over from his corner of the table and said to me "You forgot about the Zone of Safety!" So there was readjusting, and the group made sure I was on the other side of the table from FHG.

Except. EXCEPT! FHG jumps onto the friggin' wobbly table and lunges toward me to...I don't know what! I felt like I was about to be physically attacked. "What are you doing!?" I yelled. "Get down! What are you doing!?" The people in the bar around us watched in stunned silence. Nice, right?

I had to leave. Even though I was enjoying hanging with the other people--whom I rarely get to see--I couldn't take another second around FHG. As I got up, Sweet Pea protested. "No, CJ, don't go. He's just being like that because you're patient."

"Oh, I'm not patient," I told Sweet Pea. "I was patient."

I grabbed my coat and headed toward the narrow passageway out of the bar, except smack in the middle of it is FHG. I visibly cringed. Gentleman must have seen it from the table, because he came over and said, "May I escort you out?" Love him.

Oy. My nerves were completely rattled. I couldn't get a cab--!!--and wound up walking the 15 blocks home in my uncomfortable boots. Not so fun.

The next day I got a call from Brill saying she was "horrified" for what FHG had done but that "He's more horrified." Apparently he'd asked for my email address to write me an apology. Brill tactfully suggested FHG send the email to Fiance, who would forward it to me. I do not want to give FHG any easier way of contacting me, that is for sure.

For Pete's sake. Remember when my drama involved wondering if some Jdate boy was going to write me back? No worries--I'll be signing up again soon. If only to avoid the crazies in Real Life!

--Cute Jewess

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I had to leave an establishment tonight to stop myself from punching a girl in the face. I'm not exaggerating. I pictured my fist cracking this girl's cheekbone, and I wanted to fight her. She was crazy rude and verbally attacked me for 100% absolute no reason. She also physically touched me--and that's when I lost it. The word around the bar was that she was "psycho." But honest to goodness, I'm still feeling gypped that I didn't get to fight the ho.

Now, this is unusual for me. I feel anger, don't get me wrong, like any human being, when someone is being absolutely and appallingly rude. And yes, I have been known to tell those people off. But I haven't been in a physical fight since I was 12 years old. That might have been before I even knew Best Friend, my oldest friend. The dude was a bully. I couldn't stand him. He was so mean to me. And one day, I swung around when he was behind me, and I punched the sucker in the stomach. Hard. He doubled over. And homeboy never bullied me again.

So Rude Blonde Girl From The Bar, don't play with me. Because I will punch a ho. Just not in my friend's bar.

Okay, probably not anywhere. But wow, if this is what dudes feel on a regular basis, then I can kind of understand how fist fights start. So I will go to sleep now. And I will still want to punch that bitch. But yes, I will be glad that I did not.

I may have flicked her in the face. But she started it.

--Cute Jewess

Monday, December 10, 2007

What to do, what to do?

I broke the seal and logged onto Jdate for the first time in several weeks. And I found at least 4 guys whom I would in theory get in touch with. So now I'm feeling the itch to return to the realm of the dating on the internet. Keep in mind I'm short on time this month, and the last thing I need is a distraction from work right now. So the smart, sensible, rational thing to do would be to wait until January. And yet...oy...I'm very suddenly finding it hard to wait!

At least I'll wait until this Friday. That's Brill's boyfriend's annual holiday party. Last year I figured there would be tons of cute guys to flirt with. Eh, not so much. I wound up being accosted by--and barely being able to run away from--Flirty High Guy. Oh please let him have a girlfriend this year!!

I'd better stay away from Jdate right now or I know I'm signing that shit up again.
Back to work I go!

--Cute Jewess

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Yeah, so the thing about a dating blog is that when you decide to take a dating hiatus...well...there's not much to write about, is there?!

It's not that I haven't been busy--God, I've been busy--but eh, I haven't had much room for guys lately. Okay, so there was that cute as hell, young as hell bartender I flirted with at Good Friend's recent gathering--but it's not like it went anywhere. Although Mr. X was at the shindig too, and he kept coming over to poke me or hold my arm while I was chatting with Hot Young Bartender...

Ah, I need to catch you up there, don't I? Just about the time I decided I wasn't really attracted to Mr. X, he asked if we could be friends. Score! Let's just say he had some big red flags hovering around him--and funny enough when I talked about them with Good Friend, she totally agreed. But Mr. X is still a swell guy, and fun to hang out with. It's just that now when he tries to be all touchy feely, I pull away, and he spits out an awkward "Sorry." He remains fond of complimenting my body. Often. Good Friend says if this makes me uncomfortable I should say something--and in truth I probably will.

I expect to return to Jdate in January, which will no doubt spice things up here. The flirting well hasn't quite dried up--I still chat up a dude in a bar now and then. Last night it was a punk-rock type who looked like Sylar from Heroes and had beautiful eyes. I wasn't really interested, but I'm trying to keep the flirting wheels from getting completely rusty and unturnable, ya know?

Oh, it's Hanukkah, isn't it? I haven't been lighting candles or anything, but certainly I can pull a graphic out of my blogger ass for you, no? Look! It's just the same as the real thing.

--Cute Jewess