Thursday, February 21, 2008

A hot clip of former Cute Jew of the Week, Mark Ronson. He's the dude on the double guitar.

I think Ronson and his British accent are sexy as hell, but I imagine he's too cool to be my type in "real life." Still, it's not like I wouldn't want to find out :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dashing Jordan has, indeed, secured a ticket for me to see Conan O'Brien. Just because I enjoyed a clip he was in on the show. Thus, he has secured a spot on the Cute Jewess Walk of Fame. And by "Walk of Fame," I of course mean "Metaphoric Roster of Awesomeness."

The next couple weeks I will largely be away from the blog, to return in early March. When I'm less busy, I will have 3 dates to schedule. Let's give them names, shall we? First, we have Sweet Divorce. I quite like this one. We've spent about an hour on the phone, and he seems cute, smart, and funny. He did have to cancel a previous date, which he could have seemed a bit more sorry about, but it takes more than that to ruffle feathers.

Next is Negative. I'll call him that only because he seems to react to certain things...well...on the negative side. Decent, funny, and certainly cute enough to meet and hang out with for a night, but I'm not sure this one will be fodder for the long term.

Lastly will be Zoolander. He seems like an absolute sweetheart, but there's one catch. Sigh. On our first phone conversation, he mispronounced my name. I corrected him, and thought nothing more of it. Until he started doing it again. And again. Each time it gets under my skin, but I already made kind of a thing the first time about explaining how it was pronounced. How will this thrilling cliffhanger of a situation be resolved? You'll just have to tune in to find out.

One last thing--I wonder if sometimes it's during times of adversity that we realize exactly how much we love our friends. A good friend is going through a very tough time right now, and I hope she knows how much I love her.

--Cute Jewess

Monday, February 18, 2008

Soliciting your funny shit.
I know enough people who could use a laugh right now, so why not come here looking for one? What's your favorite web funny? A site, a video, a blog, a story, anything at all. If it makes you laugh? Share in comments. If it makes you guffaw and snarf all unpretty-like? Then truly, do not hold back.

I will think of mine too and add to comments when I'm hit by the haha revelation.

--Cute Jewess

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some updates for y'all:
  • A Jdate dude whom I'm supposed to meet soon called today to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. I thought that was pretty sweet of him, and I will say he seems like a nice guy and quite fond of CJ. I was going to name him VD because of Valentine's Day, but that moniker doesn't seem entirely fair to the dude, now does it?
  • I found out recently that my dude friend Single's relative is close friends with a former Cute Jew of the Week. I won't say which one, so don't you go digging. I informed Single that he needed to email his relative and tell him all about the adorable, smart, funny chick he's known and loved for years. Single has informed me that he's asked if the Cute Jew is currently single and looking. I very highly doubt anything will come of this, but hey, why not try?
  • I responded to Adorable Jordan's email, and to his offer for tickets to Conan O'Brien. Will he really hook CJ up to see the show? Because that would be tremendous. I've always wanted to see Late Night in person but never thought I could get tix. If this indeed happens, then Adorable Jordan has to be one of the nicest people out there. And I will have some fun blogging to do. Especially considering that NBC is shipping Conan out to LA next year, it would be something special to catch him in NYC before we lose him.
--Cute Jewess
I've been gone for a while, I know, and in the meantime, you've all been so sweet with your well-wishes. So thank you; it is certainly appreciated. And...I'm doing a little better, but oh, I'm still feeling the loss. I will be for a while. The two reasons I haven't written yet about what happened? 1) I knew it would make me bawl all blubbery-like. 2) I worry that if you haven't been through something similar--or had a similar attachment--you won't understand.

So I had plans to write this whole thing about how much I loved him, how I looked forward to waking up to him every day, going to sleep with him every night, chatting with him after the shower, cuddling on the couch, sharing a happy purr, sweeping him up for a warm, furry hug.

For now, I don't think I can do him justice, so we'll go with the very short version. My kitty passed. Very suddenly. If you know me in "real life," you know how much I loved that creature. He was a truly special, funny, loving little dude. I was just utterly devastated. I miss him terribly.

But some lighter, more enjoyable moments have followed. Three good, dear, thoughtful friends (including Best Friend and Loverville) chipped in to get me that beautiful necklace I'd been coveting!! I've worn it every day so far. I luurrrrrve it. It's so preeeettttty. What a lovely thing for them to have done.

And guess what else? Remember my new "I don't know you in real life" crush? The beguiling Jordan Schlansky? Guess who sent me a thank you email for my kind words. How sweet and cute is that? We heart him with utter fondness.

--Cute Jewess

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm coping with some bad news. Not especially well. I'll blog about it when I can.