Friday, February 09, 2007

Last night, over dinner with Best Friend and RH:
Me: So, my Jdate subscription expired.
RH: You want to take a break, right?
Me: Yes! But...I got an email, that I can't read, from someone I contacted a few days ago. But I figured out who it was because Jdate gave me a "You both emailed each other!" icon. He seems nice--harmless, cute enough.
RH: Dude, you should email him back.
Me: I can't. My subscription expired.
*Insert waiter's delivery of second "grande" mojito here.*
Best Friend: Oh, you should email him. Who knows? You could have a great time. You could get laid.
Me: You know that's not the main thing I'm looking for.
Best Friend: So? It could still happen.
Me: It's thirty-five dollars.
RH and Best Friend: Thirty-five dollars?
Me: For one email.
RH: Dude, that's 2 cute tops from Forever 21. It's not that much. And it's a whole month.
Best Friend: You should do it. There will be new profiles during a whole month.
Me: We'll see. Um...where's that waiter for more drinks?

Several hours later...

Yup. I drank and Jdated. Oh, Cute Jewess. What do you do to yourself? So yes, the guy who emailed--let's call him Mr. Nice--was indeed, nice. Not the most interesting adjective, but so far, he doesn't seem like the most interesting guy. Still, I'm now officially corresponding--once again--with someone from the Jdate. I wrote him back while tipsy, but I just re-read what I wrote, and it's perfectly witty and appropriate. Good job, drunkish Cute Jewess! I also emailed another new Jdate profile of a guy I was more interested in--and he's logged in since then with no response. UGH. Back there again as well.

Earlier, after dinner, at a loungey type bar:
Me: That guy is cute! Ooh, Crush of the Night!
Best Friend: He's cute. He looks like he could be on the Daily Show.
Me: ???
RH: Dude, he looks like Kevin Sorbo.
Me: What? No, he doesn't. Kevin Sorbo's blond. This guy has short dark hair, dark stubble. Also, he's not bulky like Hercules.
Best Friend: He looks like if Kevin Sorbo were on the Daily Show.
Me: ???
RH: You love Hercules.
Me: I made eye contact!
Best Friend: Go over and talk to him.
Me (seeing Crush talking closely with another guy): I think he's gay. He's gay.
Best Friend: Go over and find out.
Me: I made eye contact again! I'm getting less shy!
Best Friend: Whoo-hoo. That's flirting 101! What do you think he's going to do, come over from across the bar because you made eye contact?
Me: Um...yes?

Um, no. My Crush, who looked nothing like Kevin Sorbo or the Daily Show (???) put on his gorgeous black overcoat--that he looked yummy in--and left.


I'll leave you now with this pic of former Cute Jew of the Week Andy Samberg offering a crowd of Justin Timberlake fans his "d**k in a box." (As mentioned by acaligurl in last post's comments!) You know, Andy, Valentine's Day is coming up. And I'm right here in NYC!

--Cute Jewess


e.b. said...

Drunk j-dating is dangerous....I did it once and ended up on a date with someone who lets just say was not for me.

The Dummy said...

Drunk JDating - now that would make for some great stories!

Glad you're getting out there and are enrolled in Flirting 101. Personally, I think tasteful flirting is all about facilitating the initiation process. Let's face it - guys don't have balls, and when they see an attractive person, those balls get even smaller because of the higher crash and burn factor. Smiling, making eye contact, passing by with a smile or a 'hi' - those are all great - it makes the guy think he might not get shot down and may actually step up to the plate to start a conversation with you. And if they don't - then that's a good thing too because they've done the eliminating process for you. If they have confidence, they would've stepped up - and who wants a guy without confidence?

Keith said...

I got sucked back in too... although it was somewhat sketchy on JDate's part -- got a note from them that I had been Hot Listed by someone... logged in and checked the profile, which was still being approved. The next day, got Hot Listed by someone else, profile also still being approved. Stupid me, I signed back up -- and then the following day, both profiles were "no longer available."

Lola said...

Kevin Sorbo if he were on the Daily Show?? I laughed out loud!

Damn that JCrack... it's got you hooked! Quick, detox!

Lola xx

acaligurl said...

i love forever 21! however, i think i am too old and *ahem* i think the clothes have gotten smaller because they don't fit like they use too!*****

ok, i'll put piven on the back burner and push the andy vibes for you!!

i've been in denial! i'm the one that likes piven!! (hee hee)

Heather said...

my goodness you've had a lot going on! LOL Hope the Jdate kicks in for you again! ;) Can't hurt to try.

Those vday cards are funny!

just catching up, haven't had as much time since work started LOL

Stay warm!