Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boys. Are. Confusing. That's it right there.

I went on a date a couple days ago with a guy we'll call Fratty. As you might get from the name, he's not really my type. He's a bit younger, he's on the blond side, and he's kind of a frat-boy type. That said, our date was enjoyable enough. He was very much a gentleman, which I like. He pushed my chair in, walked me home, did all the nice touches a well-brought up boy does for a girl. Also, he's cute. And he's got a hot body. And he seems honest, doesn't give off the douche-vibe. So is he my soul match? Probably not. Would I go out with him again? Yes.

At the end of the night, Fratty stressed how good it was to meet me, and he kissed me on the cheek a couple times, but it didn't seem like he was trying to go for the goodnight kiss. We'd had laughs, good conversation. He seemed to like hanging out with me, so I thought maybe he'd go for the kiss. When he didn't--and when he didn't leave with the "I'll call you," then I figured--okay, guess he's not interested.

But the next morning, he emailed me. And again he said how great it was to meet me. And there's been some email back-and-forth and some texting since. More than I'd imagine from someone who's not interested, but still with no mention of getting together again.

So what's the story? Is he interested--and keeping in touch for that reason? Or is he not interested--and emailing/texting to be nice? I have no idea. But he did intimate during our date that he's not looking for new friends. So I am--surprise surprise!--confused.

Fratty's away for the long weekend. I guess I'll see what he does when he's back.

Boys are weird.


stephanie said...

Boys ARE weird. Sounds like a question for Moxie's blog if you ask me :)

jman said...

Nobody continues e-mailing/texting out of politeness. and you said you were not bowled over by him so why tie yourself up in knots? Either he will call or he won't and if you get tired of virtual communication you can let him know that while viruality has its time and place so does reality and that's what you are interested in.

Anonymous said...

It is MADDENING when guys text or call with no purpose. Are they being in touch just to say hello? What is their point?

Hmmm....I wonder whether if it is a high-technology thing. With a T3 line and a BlackBerry and an Iphone right in front of you, it is tempting to make use of these gadgets. Kind of like adding Facebook friends just because you can. So maybe it is a guy kind of technology tic?!?! Because it is otherwise impossible to figure out.


Heather said...

weird is right! blah!

did hottie1 ever get back in touch?

jess said...

This is straight out of that "He is not into you" book. The guy who wrote it used a perfect example when someone asked a question along these lines (why does he keep texting, etc). Picture your closet, you have that red shirt that you like, but hmm, you just don't feel like wearing it, but you are not ready to give it away yet. Every once in a while you look at it, maybe try it on, but in the end, decide on something else. Sucks but I thgouht it made sense.