Monday, August 11, 2008

Hmmm, since I started blogging again more frequently, the comments have been riddled with Orthodox Jewish spam. Note to all Jewish spammers: I screen comments. I delete yours. 

Hottie1 is out of town this week, so I figured I'd just talk to him when he's back, and we'd hopefully set up a 2nd date then. Surprisingly, though, he called me, out of the blue. Just to chat. He was obviously trying kinda hard, too. Trying to make me laugh, trying to compliment me. Just sounding like a guy who likes a girl and is looking forward to seeing her again. 

Now, Loverville and I know alllll about dudes who fall for us after the first date, shower us with attention, and then pretty much vanish after another date or two. What's nice this time around with Hottie1, is that while I do have a giddy feeling about him, it feels more tempered. More rational. With OS, for example, who's the guy I would most compare with Hottie1--two super handsome, successful, fun guys courting me after a first date--I was on cloud friggin' 9. I coulda had that cloud tattooed on my forehead. But the attention Hottie1 is showing me doesn't feel overdone. It feels like just the right amount--enough to show his interest, but not so much that the dating part will be moving full throttle forward.

And so, with Hottie1, we have a To Be Continued...

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

Glad you're back CJ!!

Good luck with H1! I hope the 2nd date goes well and happens soon.


Nice Jewish Guy said...

What, exactly, is "Orthodox Jewish Spam"?