Monday, February 18, 2008

Soliciting your funny shit.
I know enough people who could use a laugh right now, so why not come here looking for one? What's your favorite web funny? A site, a video, a blog, a story, anything at all. If it makes you laugh? Share in comments. If it makes you guffaw and snarf all unpretty-like? Then truly, do not hold back.

I will think of mine too and add to comments when I'm hit by the haha revelation.

--Cute Jewess


Samantha said... always makes me smile or laugh...

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

No fair Samantha! You stole mine :-)
OK, well I suspect many of you already know this one but it is so catty that it's worth sharing in case you don't..

Anonymous said...

What about this one?

Wait for the flash to load, then watch...have your sound on. It is very good. (Hema is a Dutch department store). is also good :)

Chris, Sydney

Cute Jewess said...

I remembered one of mine...the kind that's sending me straight to hell...

Anonymous said...

Get ready to waste a lot of time and laugh out loud at this one. eva

eH-what said...

I got this from a friend on Valentine's Day and it cracked me, I'm sharing :)

Hello fellow ladies from Chi-town,
Let's see...last year I regaled you with the tale of the (redacted) for Valentine's Day. As the holiday approached once again, I thought of many funny vignettes befitting such a day of 'celebration'. I was all set to go, until a funny thing happened to me on the way out of a memorial service... (this is where you have the wavy lines on your TV set indicating a flashback scene). I attended a lovely Memorial Service with my Mom to honor the passing of another friend's Dad. It was in the neighborhood I grew up in, with mostly my parents' generation in attendance and there were many a mother and father of someone we grew up/went to school with lingering about. My Mom (who knows way too many of the other parents if you ask me) introduced me to the mother of the "Ness" (a jr/sr high nickname I believe Suds and Spokes are the only ones privy to and to which many words can be put in front of such as cute, kind, hilarious, you get the idea,--it was the early 80s). I slightly gasped because, well, I had a HUGE crush on the "Ness" all through jr/sr high school. He's a great guy and I never got up the nerve to do anything about it (heavy sigh). He's long since married to someone else we went to high school with, but that's a tangent. She asked me what I was doing (I think she meant professionally and that is the answer I gave) and then I made sure she was introduced to the few other women standing with me who also went to high school with the "Ness". Then she said to all of us "so, you married, have kids, big family?" This turned my mother ashen as she would never say such a thing (probably because of my status or lack thereof). I said "nope, not married, no kids", another friend said "divorced with kids, but reconciled with ex-husband", another friend said "well, I got the kid, but I don't have the husband" and another friend said "I'm with eH-what". The "Ness"'s Mom looked at me with a fist waving in the air (quite funny, since she is very petite and definitely under 5 feet tall) saying "and I bet you never will". To which I laughed (switch cameras to my Mom who is now about to pass out) as I assumed she meant some sort of I am independent/feminist/f@$% marriage (OK, I added the profanity) we are woman hear us roar. Then she said "I mean they don't call you spinsters anymore do they?"

Good times CJ,--eH-what?