Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've been gone for a while, I know, and in the meantime, you've all been so sweet with your well-wishes. So thank you; it is certainly appreciated. And...I'm doing a little better, but oh, I'm still feeling the loss. I will be for a while. The two reasons I haven't written yet about what happened? 1) I knew it would make me bawl all blubbery-like. 2) I worry that if you haven't been through something similar--or had a similar attachment--you won't understand.

So I had plans to write this whole thing about how much I loved him, how I looked forward to waking up to him every day, going to sleep with him every night, chatting with him after the shower, cuddling on the couch, sharing a happy purr, sweeping him up for a warm, furry hug.

For now, I don't think I can do him justice, so we'll go with the very short version. My kitty passed. Very suddenly. If you know me in "real life," you know how much I loved that creature. He was a truly special, funny, loving little dude. I was just utterly devastated. I miss him terribly.

But some lighter, more enjoyable moments have followed. Three good, dear, thoughtful friends (including Best Friend and Loverville) chipped in to get me that beautiful necklace I'd been coveting!! I've worn it every day so far. I luurrrrrve it. It's so preeeettttty. What a lovely thing for them to have done.

And guess what else? Remember my new "I don't know you in real life" crush? The beguiling Jordan Schlansky? Guess who sent me a thank you email for my kind words. How sweet and cute is that? We heart him with utter fondness.

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

You should start a letter-writing campaign to Conan so they'll put him on the show again.

Anonymous said...

I now have tears in my eyes after reading about your kitty passing away. I understand exactly how attached you were to him, cus I am the same way, right down to the furry hugs, the 'chat's, the sleeping together, cuddling sessions and purring sensations. I suspect he also gave you clawy massages? And really, really loved his wet food?

Please, when you are up to it, blog a tribute to his existence. I know he gave you lots of laughter, comfort, affection and devotion. It's the least he deserves in his memory. We can all grieve together.

Please accept my condolences.


Heather said...

((((((((((CJ)))))))))))))) I am so sorry for your loss! I DO understand and know how difficult it is. :( It's never easy to lose someone that has been a part of your life for so long. You are in my thoughts!!!!
Lots of hugs!

You have really great friends!! That was so sweet of them.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

How wonderful that you have dear friends that understand what your kitty meant (means) to you. Take your time mourning for him....and take care of yourself.

Single Girl said...

I'm getting all choked up over your loss. I am SO sorry for your loss and the thought of it makes me teary-eyed because I have a furry one myself and I can't bear the thought of anything happening to her. I cry when they draw blood from her at the vet. There are few things as hard as the loss of a furry one, they are as close to us as children, so take the time to grieve and remember him. We're all here for you.

Yay for Jordan for writing you a thank you note!! Now he needs to ask you out! How cool would that be? Did you write back? What did he write?

pt said...

I am so tremendously sorry about your cat.
I have two cats of my own. They turn a house into a home.
I am sure your cat had a wonderful life with you, and was well loved and cared for. He was lucky he got to be yours.

Samantha said...

I am sooooo sorry. :( I was devastated when my first kitty passed. I had her for 16 years and I loved her like crazy. About a year later I finally felt ready to get a new kitty and I've had her for 6 years and love her to pieces. Losing a loved kitty is so hard because there are no confusing feelings like when a person dies. With a kitty there is only unconditional love. I'm positive that your kitty lived a wonderful and loved life and I hope you feel better soon.

acaligurl said...

cute j i'm sorry about the kitty. i cannot imagine the hurt. hugz

jody said...

CJ, I also know what it's like to lose a beloved kitty. My female Siamese cat Tai Ming lived to be almost 19 years old but had to be put to sleep after suffering a stroke. I mourned for months. I now have two male cats who keep me laughing and, like pt said, make a house a home. It's never easy to lose a pet; they are like family. If you need grief support for losing a pet, you can find it on It helped me. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you.

Michele said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost a kitty about 8 years ago and it still tugs at my heart when I think of her. I ended up getting three cats trying to replace the one I lost ... something I don't recommend but I do recommend getting one new kitty when you are ready.