Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some updates for y'all:
  • A Jdate dude whom I'm supposed to meet soon called today to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. I thought that was pretty sweet of him, and I will say he seems like a nice guy and quite fond of CJ. I was going to name him VD because of Valentine's Day, but that moniker doesn't seem entirely fair to the dude, now does it?
  • I found out recently that my dude friend Single's relative is close friends with a former Cute Jew of the Week. I won't say which one, so don't you go digging. I informed Single that he needed to email his relative and tell him all about the adorable, smart, funny chick he's known and loved for years. Single has informed me that he's asked if the Cute Jew is currently single and looking. I very highly doubt anything will come of this, but hey, why not try?
  • I responded to Adorable Jordan's email, and to his offer for tickets to Conan O'Brien. Will he really hook CJ up to see the show? Because that would be tremendous. I've always wanted to see Late Night in person but never thought I could get tix. If this indeed happens, then Adorable Jordan has to be one of the nicest people out there. And I will have some fun blogging to do. Especially considering that NBC is shipping Conan out to LA next year, it would be something special to catch him in NYC before we lose him.
--Cute Jewess

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