Thursday, January 24, 2008

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a particularly religious Jew. I was Bat Mitzvahed, yes, but raised entirely reform. As in, if I'm going to eat barbecue, I say pass the pork ribs please, extra spicy! And after these past High Holy Days, I wonder if I will continue to go to services even once a year until I have a family. Also, I don't have many Jewish friends who understand the Yiddishisms that pop out of my mouth now and again--something passed down by my parents, who do so way more often than I. So while I consider Jewishness a significant part of my identity, it's just not a huge part of my daily life. This will be simplifying things, but to me, Jewish says: My family is loud, but they'll feed you enough!

Recently, I found a jewelry website, Satya Jewelry, that I just adore. On it, I found this necklace.
I'm not going to lie--I was initially attracted by the aesthetic, which fits my necklace preferences--gold, delicate, small multi-charm, and not too long--although I would prefer and probably ask for a 16" length chain instead of 18".

I got to thinking, though. Would I ever wear a Jewish star? And I think that yes, I would enjoy keeping that reminder of my Jewishness close to heart. It often feels quite far away to me. When the purse strings are less tight, I think I'll save up for this pretty little thing.

Part of my newfound--and perhaps brief--Jewtriotism must have to do with recently watching PBS's totally interesting The Jewish Americans series. If you haven't seen it, I recommend catching reruns; I only caught the last 2 installments, so I'll be looking for them myself. But having a readily available chunk of American history told through a Jewish perspective in such an accessible form certainly opened my eyes. Did you know that Henry Ford was buddies with Hitler!? I didn't! I don't want to try to describe the series because I fear I won't do it justice, so I hope you'll check it out, whatever background you're from--it's a fascinating look at a piece of shared American history.

Tonight I'll be going to a party with lots of good (goy) friends, as I will be tomorrow. Yay!

--Cute Jewess


Seine said...

it's always nice to have that small reminder of one's culture, even if it's not prevalent in our daily lives ... and that is indeed a very beautiful, subtle necklace

Michele said...

I love that necklace ... peridot is my birthstone ... but I wish they had it in silver.

Cute Jewess said...

They have other lovely silver necklaces, but no, not that one alas.