Monday, April 30, 2007

I hate SS. Because I like SS. And so far, he is pussying out.

However, both Hottie1 and Hottie2 have apologized for their delays, and go figure, so far they seem to be acting like gentlemen.

So far...

I'm still a bit scared of Hottie1. He's just so typically good-looking. AND also whip-smart, funny, and--it seems--nice. He's the kind of guy I'd imagine has a line of women trailing after him at all times. I'm going to have to go for the big guns--my own intelligence and sense of humor--to distinguish myself among what must be a very large group of ladies.

I'm looking forward to a frenetic, high-impact gym workout tonight. It'll be good to let out my SS agression. Yup, I hate him.

(Because I like him.)

--Cute Jewess


nef said...

eh, stupid ss.

You don't need him. He probably picks his nose. And maybe the noses of others. In fact, i know he does. Consider yourself lucky.

bailey said...

Don't be so uptight about how good-looking someone is. I have only seen your blog since it's re-post, so, I don't know the history...but way back when I was young and played by "league" rules, I had a boyfriend who was physically covetted by EVERYONE. And I'm cute/plain-ish to look at, but very smart, out-going, easy-going, friendly, etc. He was a friend first and I couldn't figure out why he didn't have a girlfriend. Tons of girls liked him. Well, when we got together, come to find he didn't like the fact that girls liked him because of what he looked like (sound familiar). He is now married to a fantabulous, cute/plain-ish woman! I no longer play by league rules and haven't since that guy. Don't be intimidated by his hot-factor,--it's merely a facade!


Single Girl said...

I agree with Bailey, don't worry so much about how good-looking Hottie1 is. First of all, he might not be as good-looking in person as he is in pictures. Second, he seems great, but maybe he isn't as great as he seems. I'm not hoping that's the case, I hope he's fabulous all around and sees the same in you, but don't be so worried and be yourself!

a&v said...

I also get intimidated by typically attractive men and typically attractive men who know they're attractive? Yech! But I suppose the others are right and we need to get over The Fear. Plus, he could be shiny on the outside and dull on the inside, but if not, you will knock him dead with your fabulous self!

acaligurl said...

oh i hate when you hate them cause you like them. dumb boys.

Loverville said...

Think of it this way... try to step outside yourself, and imagine this happening to a friend. What advice would you give her?

Yep -- if you're not hearing from him in a gentlemanly, timely manner... that's saying something.

And yes, as Nef says -- I think I saw him picking someone's nose on 14th Street earlier today. Just before he knocked over a little old lady and stole ice cream from a child. All in one move, the cad.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

It sucks that we need closure so much and the men don't....I had some theories on it in a post awhile back called "The Invisible Man" - dontcha just love how they disappear like that?