Thursday, April 26, 2007

The last time I saw SS, we were kissing goodbye. And not some little tap-tap kiss either.

Note to the guys of the world: If you don't want to see a girl again? Don't moan with delight while kissing her goodbye. If you do want to see her again? Friggin' get in touch and let her know. Wait, you already knew that, you say? Yeah, that's probably because it's not some secret of the dang universe.

Can you tell I'm still in SS limbo? We may have to change his name from Sexy Smart to Sexy Inconsiderate. But damn, why does he have to be so sexy?

I spoke to Hottie2 on the phone last night, and so far...I'm not feeling much connection. Where's his charming sense of humor? Where are the topics we've got in common? But we're set to go out this weekend, so I won't have to wait long to see if we're any kind of match.

Stupid SS.

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Im curious... what age are the guys you usually go for?

Lots of the jdate girls complain to me about how there is no one normal on there. The one I have been emailing with recently went out of her way to tell me I seem normal compared to the ones who write her. And I didnt even ask about that.

Dont really know what the point of that was but I dont really get why SS didnt contact you again. If you didnt like him you would have written him off. Loverville certainly would have.

Loverville said...

Right now, SS = SexyStupid. (I know... SO mature of me!)

Sorry -- I've got nothin'. It's a big mystery to me as well. The most rational explanation is that he was abducted by aliens, and his cell phone won't work in the spaceship.

Keep picking up new hotties in the meantime!

Sanani said...

Hmmm... could it be SS likes the CJ so much he can't face the prospect of eventual rejection? A mild version of personality avoidance disorder is hardly inconceivable. Indeed, if he's as reserved a person as you've described, this is quite possibly his natural tendency.

Plus, you've been talking a lot about how newly aware you are of yourself as a woman. If he is an avoidant type, he would be frightened by the very qualities that draw him to you in the first place.

In sum, ask yourself if you want to get more involved with a guy who needs encouragement after three dates. If you think you might, consider sending another sweet, shortish (but not too short) e-mail.

acaligurl said...

is the date this weekend? have fun.
(whatcha wearing?)

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Here's my rule:
If a guy in my age range (30's) is really hot and single, he's very likely to know he's hot and staying single because he's getting as much action as he can. Also known as a jerk. Or he's gay, of course - but my gaydar is quite good so that is usually not the case.
I feel like the hot guys who are kind souls got married about 5 years ago, don't you think?
So I tend to avoide the super hotties (or any guy who includes a picture of himself with his shirt off in his on-line profile), and go for the nice average looking ones....although they can be jerks too!