Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Nad-Sucker Report, Weekend Edition:

Did Hottie1 call? Nope.
Did SS call? Nope.
Date with Hottie2? Rescheduled.

Which allows for a total Nad-Suckage Factor of 10 out of 10.

Never fear, however! Much fun was had with Best Friend and the delightful LV--involving two nights of fun, food, and wine.

As usual, Girl Power fights Nad-Suckage every day and twice on Sundays.


--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

Hey, started reading your blog a while ago. i am going through the same thing, jdate guys get so many responses on the site. It is hard to think they will ever leave it. The right guy will though, look how far you have come

jeremy said...

Take heart Miss CJ. While in London I saw Mr. Darcy. He asked after you and asked me to please give you his best. He promises he will show up at the right moment, and pray begs your continued indulgence for the moment. In the interim beware of false Darcys and true Wickhams.

Anonymous said...

i'm having the same experience with jdate, which is what led me to your blog. i'm tempted to start a database for jdate females to keep track of this tackiness.

when you've talked to men on jdate, what have they said about their experience? i'm curious.

Cute Jewess said...

I don't tend to talk much about Jdate on my dates, actually. So...not sure.

Loverville said...

I have a good guy friend on Match, and I think he has the same experience as me (and other female friends doing online dating).

Sometimes they're flaky.
Sometimes you're into them -- but not vice versa.
Sometimes they're into you -- ditto.
Sometimes they just disappear, with no explanation.

Anonymous said...

Jdate or not, the surrounding stuff is usually what gets me confused

jgo said...

In response to LV's comment, I agree about the various sometimes. However I dont think it's specific to online dating. If you meet in a bar, it could be that way too.

To CJ: Dont talk about jdating with jdates early on. I think it makes people uncomfortable. Do you really want to know someone has been jdating for 5 years? And do you want to admit that yourself?

Finally, I think everyone goes through ups and downs in dating. For the first three months this year, the people I was meeting online were terrible... no second dates. Now I am juggling a few good ones. It comes in waves.

acaligurl said...

Nad-Suckage Factor . LOL cutej you are getting funnier and funnier.