Monday, April 30, 2007

In search of some closure, I just emailed SS. Although I know the odds are not in my favor, the current waiting to hear back from him is AGONY. Without doubt, this is one of my least favorite things--if not my very least favorite--about dating again.

Of course, if he's anything like GL (whom I don't feel like answering questions about, FYI, thanks!), then he'll just pussy out and not respond.

If SS disappears, then I've got news for him--he sure missed out. Because I may seem shy at first. I may not put it "all out there," so to speak. But once I'm comfortable enough with a guy to (shall we say) take it to the bedroom...well, then that guy is pretty darn lucky. I enjoy having a nice figure. And I enjoy showing it off. I can be pretty sexy when I want to be.

So, the waiting goes on. Horribly. And the question remains: Will SS get to be a lucky guy?

Update: I emailed Best Friend that I got in touch with SS, and her response was just perfect:

"And as for [SS]... I know it's hard. I hate dating for this reason as well. The just sudden silence is just rude and unforgivable. [Former Dude] did that to me. (Of course I acted the fool with [Former Dude]) .You're not acting like that at all...but if he doesn't email you, that's fine. And if he does, wunderbar."

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

How long has it been since your last date or when you last spoke? What could he possibly write back to redeem himself at this point? Im sorry but I dont buy the "Ive been too busy to call" excuse. A phone call takes all of 5 minutes max to explain that. Everyone has 5 minutes...even the president. Just my opinion again. I wrote this comment in about 2 minutes and that is way longer than it takes to write "I had a really fun time on our last date. I am slammed with work now but I will call you when I free up and cant wait to see you again."

Sanani said...

Poor thing. You did say from the beginning that he was quite reserved. You shouldn't think it's about you being too shy, or unsexy, or whatever.

It's so funny how everyone views dating through an "acceptance" or "rejection" lens. I've gone out with girls who are incredibly hot and not asked them on second dates, just because I didn't feel the click, or they seemed a bit narcissistic, or something about them made me feel vulnerable. (Men can be vulnerable, you know, even though we hide it.) I never felt I was "rejecting" any of those girls; just that we weren't a good match. Granted, I'm probably a bit more sensitive than your average guy, but it sounds like SS might be too.

Anyway, my point is that SS not calling is not a "rejection," or some other hidden statement you can interpret. If it doesn't work out, it's too bad, but it doesn't mean the Cute Jewess isn't attractive.

Cute Jewess said...

Ah, I didn't mean to imply I was sinking into a vortex of self-doubt. Just that SS doesn't even know what he's missing ;-)

But thanks, as always, for the kind words!