Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've got emails from 3 new dudes in my Jdate inbox whom I had planned to write back to. I just reread their profiles, though, and I'm not feeling jazzed. But I told myself--if I write back, I'm not automatically going to meet them. So at some point I'll write back, see how the conversation goes, maybe move to phone, and then--if the phone conversation's good--then we'll meet.

Divorced never called like he said he was going to. Part of me thinks I should send an email to check in, and another part of me remembers that in his last email to me there were signs of douchiness. That's why I haven't bothered so far.

Halloween's coming up. Can I afford the super cool costume I saw in the window down the block? Probably not, but I'm going to check in on it anyway. I like to be cute and flirty on Halloween, I won't lie--but I draw the line at trampiness. Boobs will not be hanging out. Midriff will not be displayed. Upper thigh will be covered. No bunny ears.

Happy Tuesday, folks!
--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

well, what costume did you see?

Loverville said...

Ack! I have to start thinking of a costume, thanks for the reminder!

As far as finding new guys on J-date... have you thought about expanding your searches a bit? Not sure what your age cap is, but maybe up it a year or two?

Cute Jewess said...

Heather--I'll email it to you. LV--In searches, I'm already 2 years above and 2 inches below what I see myself dating.