Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ok people, bear with me. Cuz I'm nervous. Why am I nervous? For no good rational reason. But hey, let's talk about it.

1) I'm going to a party of someone I don't know very well. Not as the friend of someone who knows the person, but as the one who (barely) knows the person. So I'm nervous that everyone else will know the host well. That I'll be the only one in a somewhat "sexy-ish" costume, and so everyone will think I'm "that girl." That I just won't mesh well with the crowd.

2) I'm scared of my makeup. Meaning, I will be wearing a lot. Which I don't usually do. But it goes with the costume, and I did a "makeup test" before showering to make sure it all looked okay. I guess it does. But will it be pretty? Will it make me look weird?

3) I've been really looking forward to Halloween. Usually the more I look forward to something, the more disappointed I am when it doesn't meet expectations.

On the other hand! I'll be hanging out with LV and (later on) Best Friend, whom I both love. And some of Best Friend's friends. And maybe even HM (remember him?). Aaannnnddd I'll be able to booze it up for free at the don't-know-the-host's party, which is a big plus. Halloween be one expensive holiday.

When I tell The Shrink about my anxiety at parties where I don't know people well, he says "You can always leave." This is true. Trust me, I know there's nothing to be anxious about. And almost 100% of the time people can't tell I'm anxious.

I guess I just want everything to turn out great. And yes, meeting a guy to flirt with would be a big plus. And I want to feel cute.

--Cute Jewess


Loverville said...

Trust me... you did look hot, but by NO means did you look "overtly" sexy, as you feared.

As you saw, we were both pretty tame compared to other costumes out there!

Thanks for a fun time!

jgo said...

So how did it turn out?

RedHead said...

so........what happened??? how were the parties?? Give us updates!

Cute Jewess said...

There IS a story, and I'll tell it soon! Not feeling particularly well right now.