Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last night was so fun! First, Sporty and I met up at my local bar--I'm off to her neck of the woods on Friday--and then RH joined us later at another place she and I go to all the time. I've been having a lot of fun hanging with my girlfriends lately. Loverville and I spent a great Saturday night together, and I've seen Best Friend a couple times recently, and I hope to more.

An interesting tidbit from RH last night! She and I were walking home, and she told me she thought Wild Boy (our fave bartender) had a crush on me. Now, I don't personally think so--if Wild Boy has a type? I certainly can't imagine it's dorky Cute Jewess--but it was nice to hear that she thinks he has a soft spot for me, in whatever capacity it might be. It's nice to feel wanted at your fave local establishments! AND for the record, RH is beloved there too.

My Jdate story of the day yesterday? A guy contacted me, and I wrote back. He was cute, seemed like a decent (normal!) guy, so why not? He told me he thought my pictures were hot. I wrote back "What about my wit, charm, and smarts?" He clearly did not care to discuss my wit, charm, or smarts. Rather, he asked for "naughty pictures" of my "t*ts, hips and ass."

Rather than just not respond and risk hearing from Douchey Doucherton again, I sent back an "Um, no. Bye!" Douche.

I'm hoping to get to the gym tonight, then tomorrow's hanging in Sporty's neighborhood, where I haven't spent much time in the past.

Happy Thursday!
--Cute Jewess


Samantha said...

What a douche!

Loverville said...

Douchey Doucherton, indeed!

So -- Wild Boy! Is he YOUR type? Great name for him... now I have that Duran Duran song stuck in my head... "wiiiiiild boyyyyyys alwayyyyyys.... shine!"