Monday, October 01, 2007

Today it looks like the family thing is not as bad as it initially seemed, so that's a relief, and I hope it's not a temporary one. Thanks for all your kind wishes. I hope things continue to improve. Fingers crossed!!!

Oy. The FAF sent me an email trying to cheer me up today. For the first time in ages, I wish he were around because I know it would be a comfort. I guess I just wish things were easier.

And I know I don't get to just wish that and--poof!--it happens. And I know that many, many millions of people are going through much more sh*t than I am. But still. I wish things were easier. And I'm allowed to wish it.

But I also believe things will get better soon.

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear about the family troubles. I hope that it's not as bad as you thought and things start to look up soon!

It sounds like FAF is someone you can count on even though you're not together anymore.

We all wish things were easier in our own lives. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Things could always be worse...but we're only human and can only take so much.


Michele said...

I wish things were easier too. But like you, I really do believe that better times are just around the corner : ) They have to be right???

Loverville said...

Hang in there -- sending you a big hug!