Friday, November 23, 2007

Mr. X is temporarily without easy internet access, I think, but he texted me again. Hmmm. He keeps texting me. I have a feeling he'd like to hang out again, but he's not making any kind of move. Aaaaaannnnnndddddd now that I think about it, I have a wee feeling I've been expecting him to read my mind.

Duh, dudes. Obviously you're supposed to be reading our minds and catering to our every whim on a regular basis. It's so easy!

Yeahhh, see, after our first date-not-date, once I was reassured by Good Friend that she was cool with whatever might happen with X, I remember I emailed X that we should hang out again. I was still feeling iffy, though. I'm not sure why--so I remember emailing something along the lines of "We'll just hang out and see what happens, no pressure."

No pressure.

So, um, I specifically asked X not to pressure me. Of course, that little bit escaped my mind--or rather, took a back seat to my later wish for him to just ask me out on a real date already. Methinks I might have to do some nudging. Knowing me, I'd just say "So, wanna ask me out to dinner?"

But then, that's probably better than wearing a sign saying "Now accepting moderate amounts of pressure."

By the way, as for Thanksgiving?
I. Am. Still. Full.

Also, I got this fortune cookie recently and it made me smile, so I will now share:
"Lucky you. Get out your party clothes. The clean ones."

Thus ends Random Blog Moment of the Day,
brought to you by this smiley.

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

CJ, your note to him was ambiguous.

"No pressure." It sounds to me you are saying that you are imposing no pressure or there will be no pressure generally -- not that are you asking that he not pressure you.

But the very fact you are raising the issue shows you are acknowledging the likelihood there is some potential boy-girl stuff going on. You have said way too much. Guaranteed to make him flee.

Cute Jewess said...

Ha, um no--he had brought the issue up. Sequence of events:

1) We go on our first date-not-date; I protest when he tries to kiss me several times. I tell him we can't date because of Good Friend.

2) I talk to Good Friend next morning, she says she'd be okay with us dating.

3) X asks if we can hang out again, provided he respects that I don't think I can date him.

4) I say it seems that Good Friend doesn't have a problem with it. So let's hang out in a "no pressure kind of way."

5) He writes back that this sounds fine, and he would just enjoy hanging out with me in any case.

6) We hang out again, we kiss, he starts texting me. We say we'll hang out again, but make no definite plans.

7) Now we'll see what happens when we hang out again.

Best Friend said...

J'aime le fortune cookie!!!

get all your cute clean clothes ready!!

Marni said...

Well, you are lucky to have such a good friend who understands....however, I think it is kind of odd that a guy who, from what you say, seems interested, is taking 2+ weeks to set up the next date. And what's with all the texting?!? Does homeboy use the phone? I just hope he doesn't turn out to be one of those guys who just likes the chase, but loses interest once he catches what he is after. Anyways, although this breaks "girl rules" I would suggest asking him out, and if he blows you off then he is wasting your time. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What should happen next is that he picks up a phone (a device that transimits your voice via phone lines or wireless signals), calls you, and asks you out. You both agreed that you would like to hang out, so there is nothing stopping him. As women, we like to think of "reasons" he has not called/asked us out, etc but it sounds like he just has not felt like it. Sorry. Jess

Cute Jewess said...

The gist of the above comment? Totally valid, and if true not a big deal.

This? "a phone (a device that transimits your voice via phone lines or wireless signals)"--Ew. So obnoxious.

Kale Rae said...

Listen, waiting around sucks, and I figure if you're looking to see where things could go, send him an email that says "hey - maybe we should stop playing text-tag and meet up for a drink...waddya say?" Very casual, doesn't imply any intentions and if he replies without actually making plans and is non-commital - you know to move on, if his reply is "great..when?" then you have something to stand on and go forward with.

acaligurl said...

i like kale rae's advice.

Heather said...

where you be girlfriend? Hope all is well!

doctorsquared said...

CJ, where are you? We miss yoU!