Sunday, December 09, 2007

Yeah, so the thing about a dating blog is that when you decide to take a dating hiatus...well...there's not much to write about, is there?!

It's not that I haven't been busy--God, I've been busy--but eh, I haven't had much room for guys lately. Okay, so there was that cute as hell, young as hell bartender I flirted with at Good Friend's recent gathering--but it's not like it went anywhere. Although Mr. X was at the shindig too, and he kept coming over to poke me or hold my arm while I was chatting with Hot Young Bartender...

Ah, I need to catch you up there, don't I? Just about the time I decided I wasn't really attracted to Mr. X, he asked if we could be friends. Score! Let's just say he had some big red flags hovering around him--and funny enough when I talked about them with Good Friend, she totally agreed. But Mr. X is still a swell guy, and fun to hang out with. It's just that now when he tries to be all touchy feely, I pull away, and he spits out an awkward "Sorry." He remains fond of complimenting my body. Often. Good Friend says if this makes me uncomfortable I should say something--and in truth I probably will.

I expect to return to Jdate in January, which will no doubt spice things up here. The flirting well hasn't quite dried up--I still chat up a dude in a bar now and then. Last night it was a punk-rock type who looked like Sylar from Heroes and had beautiful eyes. I wasn't really interested, but I'm trying to keep the flirting wheels from getting completely rusty and unturnable, ya know?

Oh, it's Hanukkah, isn't it? I haven't been lighting candles or anything, but certainly I can pull a graphic out of my blogger ass for you, no? Look! It's just the same as the real thing.

--Cute Jewess

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