Tuesday, December 18, 2007

See? Two posts in one day! Eager is getting...eagerer. And yes, now I'm starting to get a bit freaked out. He asked if we could meet, and I suggested we speak first over the phone. (What? Cute Jewess has learned something after all these months of Jdating? Go figure!) He left me a voicemail message that was sweet, charming, and totally acceptable. Except. Well. When I didn't call right back, he emailed me again. Like, within an hour. To say he hoped I wasn't over him yet.

Um. Wait.

When was I under him?



Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship! And if I were you I would do it the hard way - radio silence. I'm sure you are TERRIFIC, but no one is terrific enough to warrant that many emails in one day!

jgo said...

yikes... next.

Jdate has been kind of dead the last week. I think it will be that way until after new years. Keep that in mind.

jgo said...

Maybe you shouldnt have given him your number.

Samantha said...

Eager would freak me out a bit. I might not meet him because of that. Or if you do meet him, make it a very public place.

Heather said...

oy vey!! figures...maybe he's new at the jdate thing and doesn't know what to do? giving him the benefit of the doubt here!! But-I'd definitely be careful!

Hugs and have fun!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dating Trooper - even if this guy is really excited about you he should be able to demonstrate his interest in less frightening ways (at this stage of internet dating that would involve writing thoughtful emails and asking for your phone number). I had one of these once - I gave a guy my cell number, and went to work. When I came back I had eighteen missed calls, and a frantic email asking where I was. I sent him a very short email telling him that his behavior concerned me and that I did not want to have any further contact with him. He wrote back to say that he thought I was easily frightened and that he kept calling because he, "never knew what to say on voice mail." It might be easier to simply disappear, but you should expect that this guy will take a while to get the message that you are not interested.

Best of luck to you!