Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feel like some Jgoings on for Xmas?

I emailed 3 dudes on the Jdate, one of whom read the message a couple hours ago with no response (yet), which is a shame because he seemed to have a great personality. Also, I was invited to chat with a guy whose pic I'd seen on the site before but never clicked on because he just didn't look my type. Not quite a guido, but with certain guido-y aspects. I'll call him Boro, since he grew up in the boroughs. Turns out his profile was well written, and he seemed like a decent enough guy, so we had a bit of a chat. We'll see if he gets back in touch, though he seemed to want to.

There's been lots of texting/emailing with the FAF lately. For those of you who might not remember (it's been so long since I mentioned him!) that's the Former Almost Fiance. Although I remain certain we're not a romantic match, I still have caring feelings for him, and I'm glad to say we're becoming true friends. We'd always stayed in touch to some extent, and I hope things continue to go well with our new relationship.

But after my dating hiatus, I am so ready to continue dating more. So bring it on, Jdate. Just remember douches need not apply :-)

--Cute Jewess

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Heather said...

oy-this dating thing is just way too difficult. but, i'm glad you're hanging in there!!!

sorry the date with pompous went nowhere-but i'm sure you'll have plenty others soon!!

Have fun & be'll find a good match!