Friday, December 21, 2007

Cute Jewess is officially back on the saddle. Or will be, tomorrow, when I have my first return-to-Jdate-date. With whom will remain a mystery for the moment, to build the suspense. I am sure you're at the edge of your seat about it.

I called Eager, and we spoke. He explained he had just been so taken with my photos, and Jdate is "addictive," and so he apologized for coming on strong. We had one of those conversations that's not bad, but not brimming with sparks. He asked a lot of questions, which is not my preferred way to get to know someone. I'm more of a "let's just talk" gal than a "Q&A" gal. I think Eager purposely didn't ask me out on the phone, to seem less eager. I left the conversation thinking that if he got in contact again, I'd meet him. And if not, then I would be entirely non-broken up about it.

As to Pompous? Oh, Pompous. He seems more perfect every day we email. He actually makes me laugh via messages--not an easy feat. He's super successful, tall, has great pics, shares similar interests to me, and hasn't seemed so pompous lately...Of course now I'm going through the "Oh God he won't like me in person" anxiety. I emailed my friend Single, a single dude who online dates a lot, and I asked if he'd mind looking at my profile pics and telling me if they're representative. I assured him that my ego could take the truth. According to Single, "I think they’re great pics, and entirely representative. They also show '[CJ] is cute, as you can tell from the pics, but also obviously up for fun.' And you’re smiling in the pictures, which is always a good thing."

So whom am I going on a date with tomorrow? Oh, you guessed already didn't you? Pompous and I are meeting, and I am nervous!! I'll probably break out a dress for the occasion. I have a couple stand-bys that are very figure flattering. One of them Best Friend remembers as the Hottest Guy I Ever Slept With dress (he first saw me from behind, in the dress, and according to Best Friend, who was watching his face, he enjoyed the view). I've had it for about 7 years! The other stand-by is also about that old, but dudes still seem to love it.

Now I just have to be as charming as can be and remember all the things I tell myself about relaxing, being myself, not too uptight, not too guarded, etc. etc.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to it.
--Cute Jewess


Best Friend said...

Just have fun! I know the dress, and it is a killer.

Pompous, prepared to be floored by CJ's overall devastating beauty and brains. Lick it up, Pompous. Lick.It. Up.

*having a Heathers moment*

Cute Jewess said...

Thank you my dear for the vote of confidence :-)!!

Samantha said...

Good luck on your date! It's nice to see what a good attitude you have about being back on the Jdate saddle!