Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pompous was supposed to call today so we could discuss where we would meet tonight. He has not yet. He still has about 5 hours, but I find myself (of course) preparing for the worst: silence.

Or, if we do meet tonight, I'm trying not to seem like I might be more interested than he is, which could very well be the case. Whatever happens, there is no way I'm calling him if he said he'd do the calling.

Can you tell I'm still nervous?

Thankfully I will be wearing one of my two power-dresses (not sure which one yet), which always give me an extra boost of confidence and make me feel more attractive.

*A few minutes pass.*

Okay, I'm feeling less nervous. Less invested. And hell, I'm kind of tired. So if we don't go out tonight, that won't be the worst thing. But who knows how I'll feel in a couple minutes? :-)

UPDATE: Place set. Dress chosen--it's Hottest Guy I've Ever Slept With dress, and it's hot. Shoes, accessories all ready. Cute Jewess is gonna look her finest tonight. But will she be interesting? Funny? Not too reserved? I haven't been this excited about a date in a long, long time. Wow--consulting my date notebook, it seems I haven't been truly into a guy since Big Smile, which was late August. For goodness sake--no one I've been really into and y'all are still reading the blog? Must be for the horror stories, then, eh?

--Cute Jewess


Samantha said...

You are right, if you don't go out it won't be the worst thing - his loss! And if you do go out, blog about it! :)

Anonymous said...

Nope - we're not reading this blog for horror stories, and we are wishing you luck and hope that you meet a great guy soon!

ttcmb said...

Hope the date went well and can't wait to read about it.

jgo said...