Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I have nothing to wear tonight. I need some good date tops. I could wear a dress, but I'm not in the mood, and my tops are all rather casual. I just need a short sleeved shirt of some kind with some pretty trim and nice neckline or something. There will be combing through the closet.

If you're in New York right now, I hope you've got a window open. What a lovely, spring-like day. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to nap in a breeze. God I wish I could nap right now near an open window. Cats have it so good.

I need to get my hair done soon--it's getting a bit ratty. But oy, New York stylists are just so expensive. Mine is comparably reasonable, and I adore her, but I'm not looking forward to the expense. I know I'm not the only gal on a budget who considers hair maintenance a necessity. My self-confidence--the part that relates to the physical, at least--starts with my hair. I feel like Lady Samson. My stylist and I talked last time I went about changing the color, but I'm not feeling that bold at the moment, so I believe I will keep on keeping on.

If only I could keep on keeping on...while napping.

--Cute Jewess


Samantha said...

How was the date?

Anonymous said...

If you are really on a budget, don't touch your hair color. You become a slave to it. I can not believe what some females spend on hair. I get it, you have a lot of your self confidence is tied up in it, but trust me you will feel freer and richer if you just leave it alone! ava