Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some recent funnies:

Today I was reaching for my olive oil to saute with, when I noticed it wasn't there. After a search around my kitchen, I remembered. The olive oil was sitting on the bathtub rim. I had heard more than once that shaving your legs with olive oil leaves them softer than using soap. Recently, I put this theory to the test, shaving one leg using olive oil and the other soap. I did not enjoy the oil shave. Afterwards, both legs looked and felt the same. Plus, I had to spend time finding my oil in order to saute. Not great.

Speaking of soap. The other day, I was in my bathroom when I noticed it smelled like cat pee--unusually strongly. I figured I had recently cleaned the litter box, and so molecules of kitty pee must have saturated the air somehow. I sprayed my lovely Bath and Body Works room deodorizer spray and thought nothing more of it. Except, the next time I was in the bathroom, it still smelled like pee. I went about my business, washing my hands, and that's when I realized. My mother had given me a bar of aromatherapy soap she'd gotten in some hotel. "It smells like vanilla," she told me. Obviously, she had never actually unwrapped it. I don't know what soap maker thinks that cat pee is a therapeutic smell, but I must disagree with him or her.
I do not love my new soap that smells like pee.

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

You should shave your legs with shaving cream. It works a lot better than soap.

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

why not use regular shaving cream?
either aloe or lime is good.
and thanks for yr comment a couple of days ago.

Heather said...

LMAO!!!! That is so funny!!

jody said...

Personally, I like to use Dove or Olay Unscented Body Wash to shave.

As for the cat pee smell in the bathroom, are you sure it was the soap? Maybe your cat peed in the bathroom! One of my cats peed on my bed a few days ago because he didn't like the new litter I was using! One of the worst smells in the world!

Anonymous Fan said...

Personally I found the idea of you shaving your legs with olive oil kind of hot. So... thanks for sharing (!)

The temperature does seem to have cooled a bit lately around here... what happened to all the talk about magic ass jeans and penis size? :-)