Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hmmm, OS is sending quite mixed signals. On the one hand, he keeps telling me that he'd love to see me again. On the other hand, he pretty much forgot our tentative plans. He's now on a business trip, but he promises--with all sorts of exclamation points--to call when he returns. At this point I'm not expecting much, but if we do in fact meet again, I will be happy about it.

In the meantime, Hotness couldn't be more attentive. We've got another date planned for this week. I like him, and I'm glad to be hanging out with him, but I don't feel much of an emotional connection at this point. Still, if we enjoy each others' company, that's all we need for now, no? It's not like he's asking me to stop seeing other people or anything. I think he's content to just see where it goes, as am I. Third date...wonder if there will be some friskiness. He does have a hard time keeping his hands off me, and I haven't been discouraging him.

There's...just one thing...see...on one of our dates, he did something that pretty much grossed me out of town. He stuck his tongue in my ear. If he had seen my face, he would have seen literal revulsion. I am gagging now to think of it. I sincerely hope he does not do that again. But if he does? How to gently say: Good Lord, get your friggin' tongue out of my ear canal, ew, ew, ew?

Quite a busy week coming up! So far I have plans next week from Monday through Thursday. I'm not sure when OS expects me to squeeze him in, should he actually call. See gentlemen? Snoozy losey.

--Cute Jewess


Carrie said...

Ewwww, tongue in the ear! One time I was at a club and a random - and nasty - guy did that to me. WTF?

Good luck with the upcoming dates...I've been reading your blog for a while but never comment. :)

Single Girl said...

LMAO at the tongue in ear thing! The ear thing is a turn off for me too, so if a guy tries that, I usually just lift my shoulder and lower my head to the side to shoo him away to get the point across. If that doesn't work, just turn your head if he starts that, he should get the point. Some guys just don't get it! And for some girls, that might be a turn on.

Yeah, OS, you snooze, you lose! So, hurry up!

Cute Jewess said...

They must be girls with very dry ears.

jman127 said...

Someone must have found it a turn on because I am sure he did not just think it up himself. Everyone is different to some degree. If he tries it again, nothing wrong with saying you don't like it (and maybe so as not to appear all persnickety, follow up with but I really like this and do it ) - one would like to hope he has more than one arrow in his foreplay quiver.

Cara said...

What he did to your ear is a huge turn on for some women, myself included. You just have to let him know it does nothing for you.