Monday, March 17, 2008

I know I like a guy when I save his texts only to reread them and get a happy little tingle. Hotness texted that he'd call me tonight, so we shall see if he does indeed. Not that I'll be around--I have plans with Brill and maybe Best Friend too, and so Hotness will have to chat with my voicemail. The thing is, this is a busy week. I've kinda got no time for him. Tomorrow's another date, and Wednesday is a totally fun outing with a group of friends to plan a lovely weekend vacation in the woods by a lake--can I please get a tan? There should be canoeing too! Either Thursday or Friday may be free, but not both, so I will hope.

Ages ago I was corresponding with a dude I named Sporty. Since then, I've called one of my girlfriends Sporty (oops), and so original Sporty needs a new name. Because he's back. From outer space. I just walked in(box) to find him there get the picture. I fear I have little in common with Original Sporty, but we are supposed to go out tomorrow night, and I don't think it'll be a bad time. I'm corresponding with a couple other guys, too, so I'm not too worried about focusing all my j-attention on Hotness. It's possible I've been focusing a little mental attention on his amazing biceps. I do so love a good bicep.

Oh, I never reported back on Conan, did I? Single and I had a grand time. The show was a lot of fun, Conan is adorable in person and does a fun little warm up with the crowd. I got a free "Audience Member" Late Night t-shirt, and our seats were pretty close up. Neat! I did not get to meet our favorite associate producer, Jordan Schlansky, but I sent him a thank you email for an all around fun afternoon, and he sent a lovely little note back. We heart him.

So the question of today seems to be: Will Hotness actually call? I think yes--but then, it ain't like I haven't been wrong before.

--Cute Jewess

P.S. Awww, Hotness is sending me texts just because. If nothing else, I guess I've crossed his mind today!

PPS: Update: Nothing! No call. I'm not up in arms about it, but he did seem so adamant. So it's like--just say, "I'll call you," not "I'll call you at this specific time and if not that time then this other time."


Anonymous said...

Always nice to get texts just because. I'm curious about something: How do you pick up an abandoned e-mail conversation without seeming totally lame-o? You've mentioned this happening before... how does the (re-)initiator not seem annoying?

Cute Jewess said...

Oh I don't think it's lame. He was like--I'm back on jdate, so I thought I'd get in touch. I think it's always fine to send a "Seems we lost touch, but I thought I'd check in to say hi" or whatever email.

Single Girl said...

YAY! for Hotness! I love it when guys don't play the "wait a few days before contact after a date" game. It's so refreshing, isn't it?! I hope you two get together Thursday or Friday, I want more Hotness!!

Loverville said...

Yay for HOTNESS... I like seeing his name in caps! How funny about the coincidence in bars? Man, this is one small city!

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

it's spring....