Monday, March 24, 2008

The last 2 times OS and I emailed, I initiated the conversation. He wrote right back and seemed happy to hear from me, but now we had tentative plans to meet either tonight or tomorrow...and I haven't heard anything about it.

I want to email just to see what's up, but I can't, right? Because I keep initiating! So I'm sitting on my hands hoping he checks in. Sigh.

I really want to see him again too!

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

Do you have any hobbies? Maybe something to take your mind off this.

Jaclyn said...

I think that you were right to stop initiating new emails. Patterns are set early in a relationship - if you have to chase a guy down to get into a relationship, you will spend your relationship chasing him to keep him there. A guy who can't be bothered to set up a first date is either not particularly interested in a long term relationship or just isn't that into you. Neither scenario is worth your time. Fortunately, you have Hotness and the new JDate guy to focus your energies on. Hopefully, one of them will appreciate all of your wonderful qualities just like your blogging fans!

Best of luck to you.

Cute Jewess said...

Ah, this is a 2nd date. He was the one who asked for a 2nd date, too. But yes, I agree that I shouldn't be the one chasing him down to finalize the plans. He's a last-minute kind of guy, I think, and not a very careful planner. So I do expect him to get in touch, just not in a particularly timely fashion. Still, I know it's the right thing to do to wait for him to realize that the big round thing in his court is the BALL and he should pick it up :-)

Single Girl said...

I think you should wait for him to initiate contact, it's his turn now! Like jaclyn said, you still have other guys to focus your attention on in case OS doesn't pan out, so not to worry. But, he'll get in touch!

Cara Hurley said...

'Tis not a good sign.

Heather said...

I've done your part! It's his turn.