Monday, March 10, 2008

This week will be my exciting journey to see Conan O'Brien, care of our favorite Associate Producer, Jordan Schlansky. I'm bringing my dude friend, Single, who can be a blast to hang out with and who very much enjoys live comedy. Often he has crazy stories, featuring lunatic dating antics, so I will plan to be amused on all fronts. Single is one of my few guy friends whom I feel I can run anything by for the male perspective. Although I'm not sure he'd relish this description, he's like my dude girl-friend. But in case I ever divulge this blog to him, I will also add: My what guns you have, Single. We can obviously see that you work out.


I can't help but bring this item to you, despite the fact that I enjoy neither Sanjaya nor Long Island bat mitzvahs. I usually find The Idol quite annoying, but how can you not be tickled by this recent Newsday headline? "Former 'Idol' Contestant Sanjaya Performs at Woodbury Bat Mitzvah." But if that isn't enough to touch your fancy, get a load of the photo caption, "Sanjaya Malakar gives a hug to Rachel Lader of Woodbury after they both get their hair cut and styled at nuBest Salon and Spa in Manhasset."

My fave part is this scintillating graph: "He did sit back as his famous hair was handled by at least three stylists including Jamie Mazzei, who trimmed 2 1/2 inches and worked with a razor to 'accentuate the natural curl.' Stylist Glen Davis tried out a version of Malakar's "faux hawk," but Malakar's publicist nixed it, saying it was 'old Sanjaya.' He left with a classic free-floating mane courtesy of salon owner Michael Mazzei."

Clearly Long Island's finest thirteen-year-olds deserve better than "old Sanjaya." I thank Newsday for its detailed reporting.

(And, okay fine, the girl gets kudos for donating her gifts to charity.)

--Cute Jewess


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Oh my God, that Sanjaya story left me somewhere between laughing my ass off and mourning the future of Jews in America. Oy vey.

Heather said...

LMAO! That is way too funny! Why would anyone want him to sing at a Bat Mitzvah...ok, sing at all? He was terrible!!!

Have a great time at Conan!

Anonymous said...

She might have been twelve for a bat mitzvah (13 for bar mitzvah). 12 would fit the rest of the story better than a slighly more mature 13!

Cara Hurley said...

How lucky are you to get to see O'brien live! (And that other guy you like) *winks*



mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

cj, i 'tagged' you. see my newest post w. tag 'rules' at end. if you don't have time, no prob.

Cute Jewess said...

Thanks Mimi, but I don't do tags :-)

ALM said...

As a Jewish woman from Long Island -- who has actually had her hair cut at Nubest Salon....

I'm just speechless!!!


Cara Hurley said...

Hoping your trip is going well.



Anonymous said...

Beardy mcweirdy?!?