Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Things with OS at least via text and email have seemed closer to "normal" since last night. I'm seeing him tonight. Oh, I hope things go well!

At the very least, I think I'll have some good sex. I can't shake a stick at that, really, but oy, what if he's not a sweetie anymore? Or what if he's not affectionate with me anymore? I'll just be so in-the-funk about it, I think.

But worrying about that now won't do me any good. So I'll just hope that things are like they were last week, before he got weird.

Interestingly, Hotness has just vanished. I think this is partly my fault. I'm not very good at hiding my feelings--or rather, pretending to feel more than I do--and it's possible he felt my indifference last time I saw him. Or perhaps he met someone else. It saves me the horrible feeling of breaking things off, which is good. Also, I feel like I can always still call him up and reconnect should the urge arise.

Oh, Original Sporty! Cute as anything, makes my stomach plunge Original Sporty! Please be Dr. Sweetness and not Mr. Douche!

--Cute Jewess


Single Girl said...

Stay positive! Hopefully all will go well tonight and OS will be his normal self and you will have fantastic sex. If he acts like a jerk, no sex for him and hopefully you will call him out on acting like an ass.

Thinking good thoughts for you!!

Cara said...

Time to play hard to get with OS. He sure seems to have been blowing hot and cold towards you, and look how it's working! ;-)

Hotness laid all his cards on the table, and you lost interest.

Cute Jewess said...

Cara, I don't disagree that it would be in my best interest to pull back a bit now.

But I do disagree that I go for the ones who aren't interested. If Hotness and I were more sexually compatible, I'd be thrilled to bits and do all I could to keep both dudes around. And if OS weren't sending mixed messages, I'd like him more. I promise that the whole hard-to-get thing isn't the reason I like him! Swearsies! Part of the reason I fell in "like" with both Hotness and OS was that they expressed their interest early on.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound to me like OS is very hard to get at all -- just a bit less enthusiastic since the night you were out with his buddies. Lots of guys get less affectionate when they're in danger of being teased to death about it by their friends... I wouldn't read too much into it. And if he seems different since then, I wonder if he's not feeling a little judged. Which is ironic, because let's be honest: Isn't him being a big party guy part of what is attracting you?

Heather said...