Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh man. What to write? This weekend, I saw OS, and all was great at first. But then we went to meet up with his buddies. Now, I've met his buddies before. His buddies love me. In fact, I would spend most of that night talking to his buddies. We'd both been drinking, but I just don't tend to get very drunk. And I think he does. And he's not the most pleasant drunk. Some of the things that were coming out of his mouth just appalled me.

But also, suddenly, it was almost like I wasn't there. Every time I've seen him since our third date, he's been so affectionate. Hugging me, keeping his hand on my leg, giving little kisses. This last time he wouldn't even touch me. So when I put my hand on his back, he said "Wait, are you touchy feely?" I was like, "Dude, you're the touchy feely one." He looked at me like I was nuts. Things just felt awkward, for the first time.

When I told him I was leaving, he pouted. "I'm disappointed," he said. Yeah, you're disappointed because no sex for you, buddy.

One of the things I've really enjoyed about OS is that he doesn't make me feel like I contact him too much. Whenever I text, he's thrilled to hear from me, and responds back right away, usually something cute. If we have plans to see each other, he texts me something like "Lkg fwd to it sweetie." The day after that awkward night, his texts seemed more stilted. When I confirmed our plans, he texted back an "Ok!" instead of a "Lkg fwd."

I have kind of a sick feeling in my stomach. Things might be pretty awkward now, and I dread that. I'm seeing him tonight. What will that be like?

I'm not ready for things to end with OS. I know it's only been about a month, but I've just enjoyed having him around so much. I've enjoyed feeling giddy about him. I've enjoyed his cute as all hell smile, his hugs, just hanging out. I don't fall in "like" this hard very often at all.

As for Hotness? I had fully planned to call him up and end things the day after I was to see OS. But then OS was dickish (we won't yet upgrade his dickishness to douchiness), and so I didn't. But I think things will end with Hotness anyway, in its own time. He used to call and text all the time, and now he's not contacting me very often. And that's fine. I like hanging out with him, but I don't feel much of an emotional connection.

So what will tonight be like with OS? Will he end things? Will things be awkward? Will he be his old self again? Or will he continue to appall me?

I may be very sad tomorrow folks!

--Cute Jewess


Single Girl said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear things didn't go very well with OS. All I can say is just wait and see how things go tonight. If you feel comfortable, bring up that he was a bit of an ass. Maybe he had a bad day and that triggered his actions, but it's still not an excuse to act like an ass. Stay positive!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Oh, I hope not CJ! Sounds like something weird is going on with him though. Play it cool tonight, not too affectionate, but not too distant either. See what lead he takes. Curious to hear how it turns out. Good luck.

Jaclyn said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! OS already sent off some red flags for me when he forgot a date early in your relationship. Hopefully, you will find someone who will appreciate you soon or OS will shape up soon.

jody said...

A real man would continue to be affectionate toward you even with his buddies around. I'm afraid to say that OS seems rather immature, especially when alcohol is involved. Please tread carefully. Maybe things will feel better again after you two have a talk.

Heather said...

oh man! :( that truly sucks. I hope he apologizes and things get straightened out! Good luck.