Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh, Original Sporty. I've been calling him "My Crush" because of the giddy feeling I've had about him. I felt I didn't know him well enough to upgrade to "like." But we hung out twice this weekend, and he is such a doll. We've got plans for a 5th date. Things are starting to get more--I can't use the word serious, more like "real." Also, I am thrilled to report that he has skills. Great heaps of skill. I have not had sex with him, but we did some other stuff. He is GREAT at the other stuff.

Of course this leaves poor Hotness rather in the dust. I hate this part. There's no reason I shouldn't be in total crush with him too--but I'm not. And so I'll have to end things.

This might be a weird story, but it's a partial revelation, and so I will share. Since I've been single again, pretty much every dude I've dated has mentioned my body. As in, it's sexy, it's good, etc. In my head, I know that all it takes for some dudes to think that is for you to be at a certain weight. I figured my smaller size was tricking them into not seeing my flaws. That my breasts aren't large enough, my legs not long enough, my shoulders not slender enough. Don't get me wrong--the fact that they said this gave me confidence to an extent, and yes, it made me feel attractive. But last night with OS was perhaps the first time I completely agreed. OS can't say enough that he thinks I'm sexy. (Let me interject that he also says sweet and smart!) He has a mirror in his bedroom, and I saw myself in bra and panties. Maybe it was the lighting, or who knows, but I was like--hey, he's totally right! I've never been able to completely agree before when a dude says that, so it was a good feeling.

You know what else was a good feeling? Everything OS was doing. GOOD feeling!


Heather said...

This is all really GOOD!!! :)

I think the best part of this story is the fact that you finally saw yourself as being sexy! That is an awesome feeling and I hope you always feel that way about yourself!!

Glad things are going well with OS! :)

Single Girl said...

Yay! So glad to hear things are still going so well with OS. Feeling sexy makes you even more sexy, so enjoy it and know that it's true! More women need to realize this in themselves, it's such a wonderful feeling!

Cara said...

Fantastic post. It made me smile. I am very happy for you.

Long may these good thoughts, feelings and vibes from OS continue.