Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ok, I think OS and I are vaguely on the same page. He was pretty stressed out with work stuff last night, and not as affectionate as he was when we first started dating, but he seemed interested enough. He held my hand when we walked down the street. We continued to talk about future plans. We had pretty damn awesome sex. I stayed over his place, and his sweet little dog spent half the night sleeping next to me, snuggling, licking my hand, arm, cheek.

Here's the thing. I think right now both of us are mostly into the physical attraction. He is so hot. Just so friggin' hot. Crazy, I can't believe this guy is with me, hot. HOT. And great in the sack. But we both know--and we're both concerned--that we have very little in common. We enjoy doing some mutual activities, but mostly we're into different things.

And yes, there's the partying. He stays out late at night up to 4-5 days a week. I honestly can't do that, nor do I really want to. But so far he's not asking me to, so we'll see how that goes too. With Passover this coming weekend, I doubt we'll be seeing each other on the partiest of nights anytime in the immediate future. He did, though, offer to take me to this amazing restaurant next week for dinner, which sounds fun.

Know what else!? He's seen me in all my favorite jeans, so I was looking through my jeans drawer for this older pair that I remember being a little too baggy on me, but it was worth a try. I snagged the jeans, shrugged them on, and they fit like a friggin' glove. My legs looked thinner than usual, the jeans were tight but without the muffin top, they looked amazing. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Maybe I'd just washed them and they shrank? But then I realized--this was an entirely different pair of jeans. These were my skinny jeans. My size 3 jeans. I hadn't put them on in over a year.

When I joyfully remarked to OS that I fit into my skinny jeans, he said "That's because you're tiny," and he grabbed my ass.


For now, I'm feeling less panicky, less distraught. And that's all I needed. I won't be thinking "Why isn't he texting!?" or trying to stop myself from texting or emailing him. I'll just be able to go about my day, hearing from him or not, glowing a bit from a night of the best sex I've had in years.


--Cute Jewess


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phew! congrats on the sexytime with's springtime! who needs common interests when it's spring in the city?

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this is good.

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Manageable indeed.