Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Countdown to "Will It Happen?":
Tomorrow, I'm supposed to see Jackpot. Thursday, Hottie1. I am now somewhat excited about these two dates. However, I am still not convinced they will actually happen.

Tonight, I am wine barring it with Brill, whom I haven't seen in about two months. I miss Brill, so this will be fun. When I get home, will there be an email from Jackpot confirming our date? I do not know. Honestly, I'm thinking there's a 50/50 possibility here.

Hottie1 is supposed to call me some time before Thursday. Will it be tonight? Tomorrow? Never?

If neither of these dates happen? Well, we're back at April/May all over again.

Oh Jackpot. You are tall and goofy, and I think you're cute. Oh, Hottie1. You have yummy muscles and an intellectual bent--and I hope you're not all big ego-ed about it.

Please oh please let these dates actually happen!
--Cute Jewess


Financial Artist said...

Seems you have quite a bit on your plate.

sexagenarian and the city said...

those are wonderful invocations to jackpot & hottie1 in yr 2nd to last paragraph. you have me all excited for you, so i hope those 'dates actually happen!'

Heather said...

crossing my fingers for you! xxx