Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last night, I received no word from Jackpot, even thought I texted to ask if we were still on for drinks that night. So he goes from asking me for a drink, to professing his excitement over said drink, to vanishing. Whatever, dude. You're now blacklisted.

No surprise, Hottie1 also has yet to confirm our date tonight, which will probably just not happen. If he doesn't get in touch, I will not contact him again.

As Loverville said, I knew these guys were flakey, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And then they just went and acted like themselves.

Here's what bugs me, though (okay, it all bugs me). I'm back to being shy in person around guys. It feels like I'm sabotaging myself. Last night, I went out with my girlfriend Sporto to my local bar. I got there before her, and had to wait a good 10 minutes or so on my own. The bartender, whom I know, said "I got two seats for ya right here, love," and I sat down smack down next to a cute guy. A cute guy on his own, who seemed to be doing some work. He was scribbling intently on paper. He was a lefty, which I find sexy.

So there we were, shoulder to shoulder. Cute Scribbler and me. I could have talked to him so easily. "Whatcha writing?" But I didn't. Furthermore, and Best Friend knows this for sure about me, my shyness comes off as aloofness. I give off a vibe that I don't want to be talked to. Because I feel nervous. So I looked the other way from the Scribbler, he went on working, and half an hour later, he talked to a pretty girl halfway down the bar from me.

I wish I could be more outgoing in those situations. Alcohol helps. But from now on I'm going to try to force myself to interact rather than isolate myself. And I looked cute last night too! The outfit I was wearing made me look particularly small waisted and busty. I must remember to wear it all the time.

Like, say, if I ever have a date again.

--Cute Jewess

P.S. I am psyched about America's Next Top Model on TiVo!! I might have to do an entry on the premiere. That show is craziness.


Single Girl said...

WTF? He didn't even have the courtesy to call or text? What an ass! There should be a board on jdate where women could post warnings about guys like him! Well, on to better guys!

Top Model is definitely going to be great this season, but then again, when is it not?! Much to discuss!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Sorry those lame ass guys lived up to your suspicions. Blacklisting sounds like a good idea!

Cute Jewess said...

SG, dat's right, no call or text. But Jackpot's not Jdate. Hottie1 is, though. AND I'm giving our date tonight a 5% percent possibility of occurring. And if it doesn't, I'm giving him a 0% chance of calling to cancel.

Samantha said...

Jackpot is a Jackass. I cannot believe he didn't respond to your text to confirm whether you are still on. Even if he wanted to cancel on you, no response is just plain RUDE. I totally feel for you. I hope Hottie1 pulls through for tonight but if he pulls a Jackpot, don't let it get you down! Go out anyways and do something nice for you if it turns out that way. You can only control yourself...

a&v said...

Pffft on those two dudes! I am very often the same way around guys, shyness masquerading as aloofness. We are the damned!

sexagenarian and the city said...

my favorite cancellation lies:
1) attack of sciatica during yoga class
2) emergency meeting w. a judge in brooklyn (at 7pm on a friday??)
3) remembered he had a girlfriend already, and their relationship wasn't quite over

screw jackpot for not even coming up w. a lie. what a rotter.

jgo said...

Just wanted to say that this sucks. Dont know why you have such bad luck with these guys. Dont want to offend you, but perhaps you are going for the wrong kind of guys CJ. You must still be attracted to the asshats.

You should have talked to cute guy at the bar. I know this from experience. Im shy and I love it when women talk to me, even if Im not interested back. Im always up for good convo. To bad it almost never happens which is why I have been trying to be more outgoing like you want to be. I have talked to some stangers more than I have been and it feels pretty good. Even if it goes no where, it feels good. Try it!~

Cant wait to hear the update.

Anonymous said...

I always talk to people at bars and everywhere really. You know what is good practice.. next time, just start chatting with the person next to you, male or female, or even a couple. Do not look at it like "oh, he is cute, I should talk to him" that puts the pressure on. Just act like you are trying to kill some time, not score a date. It is much easier that way.

acaligurl said...

cutej, its meeeee! so just give me a nite or 2 to catch up on y'll.
i went back to look at my dates on my blog, its been almost 2 months.