Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi. My name is Slumpy Slumpington.

It feels like I'm in a bit of a dating rut these days, but eh, whatever. I'm not caring too much. BUT indeed, at least one flash from the past will be returning, if not two. You'll have to be a long-time reader of CJTA to remember these gentlemen.

The dude I alluded to a few days back is Sexy Smart. (Best Friend knew him as Sexy Back.) We're going to try being friends. I miss him, truth be told. I think he's a decent person, and I'm willing to see what happens when we just hang out. If it doesn't work for me? Then I won't do it again.

The other blast from el pasto? Jackpot! Remember him? There's a whole convoluted story that I won't go into, but basically I met him at a party a few months ago, hearted him, and took a chance to see if I could keep him from vanishing. But vanish he did, until just a few days ago. We're working on scheduling a date.

Oh, and I have another date set up with Lanky. Which I almost forgot about. So, yeah, he gets one more chance, and if I'm not feeling it, then I'll just let him go.

Okay, so technically I realize this might not sound like a dating slump. But there's no one I feel particularly excited about.

Still, at least there's blog fodder :)

--Cute Jewess


Best Friend said...

Maybe after all the dating excitement, this is more like a dating valley.

I'm sure more hijinks are around the bend...and we all await...just don't take 2 hours for it!

Ya look good, kid. Don't forget that.


jgo said...

I feel like SS was like just yesterday. Am I that much of a CJ geezer? Good luck with Jackpot!! And as for Lanky, since we know youre not really feeling it.... why not have fun with it? Push your limits, go a little outside your comfort level with the date. Things like this are good practice I think. Ive definitely tried things like that before on dates and had fun with it and learned about myself.

Samantha said...

I think it's great that you are trying to be friends with SS. Sometimes it works out well. Very excited to hear about Jackpot!