Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ha. So, I remember it being last night, and I remember feeling overjoyed to be on the computer all drunk-like. "Drunk blogging!" I remember thinking. "How fun is that?"

Also, I remember thinking--Oohh! Drunk Jdating! Most fun ever!

Thankfully, when I shamefacedly checked my sent mail folder this morning, all was fine. Yay Cute Jewess for managing to write a witty drunk Jdate email. Which set up a date for this weekend. With a cute, funny, seemingly cool guy. Let's call him Mr. Chill--he seems pretty laid back, so why not.

Tomorrow's a date with Lanky. He's skinnier than dudes I usually date, but he's got a sweet, dorky smile, and he seems like a decent dude.

We'll see!

--Cute Jewess


jgo said...

Guys can be too skinny for you?

Loverville said...

I'm with you... guys can absolutely be too skinny! I really don't want to date a guy who has a smaller butt than I have.