Monday, September 17, 2007

My second date with Lanky was very much like the first--a lovely evening, but with something perhaps missing. Even though I think we both had a pleasant evening, I don't expect him to call, and that's fine. Maybe we were only supposed to have 2 perfectly nice dates.

I'm getting excited for Jackpot and Hottie1 later this week, which of course means at least one of them will cancel.

I'm seeing Brill tomorrow for the first time in months, and I'm totally looking forward. For now, though, I'm mostly just enjoying fall--my favorite season.

Yay fall!
--Cute Jewess


Financial Artist said...

Even though every girl is supposedly looking for a "nice guy," fact is, in dating parlance, "nice" is never a positive adjective. You can substitute "eh," as in "We had an 'eh' time."

Single Girl said...

Fall is fabulous, isn't it?! We had lovely fall weather here today too. When I stepped outside this morning, I totally wanted to twirl around and sing with birds and squirrels running up to me. I think if I started singing they would have run far, far away though. The weather was fantastic though!