Friday, September 07, 2007

Lanky got in touch the day after our date and asked for another. I think he's interesting enough for a second date. Funny enough. Decent enough. So, we'll see! Sometimes it takes me two or three dates to see if I like a guy.

I emailed this to Loverville:

I was just thinking about how the dudes we're lukewarm about usually get in touch. But the ones we actually like tend to be communication douches.

Sigh. Where's the dudes we're really into who don't use e-mail Massingill or Summer's Eve?

She enjoyed that :-)

Tonight is Mr. Chill, which I'm rather looking forward to.

--Cute Jewess


Single Girl said...

Who is the blast from the past that might be reappearing?

jgo said...

CJ -- If all of these worked out as we wanted, do you think any of us would still be single. It's the way of the world and why we're always dating. BTW... communication douches = not interested. Do you really think that guys who are truly interested dont know how to communicate? Unlikely.

Good luck tonight.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Ah, yes. A familiar conundrum. Unfortunately jgo is right. It's the whole "He's just not that into you thing." But truthfully, the ones that hit you like a ton of bricks right off the bat are usually the worst for you anyway. Slow-onset dating is the better way to go. I don't believe at all in INSTANT chemistry. At least not for longer than a night or two:-)

molly said...

hi there, yes, Dating Trouper and jgo, you so nailed it. I love that "he's just not into you" As women we come up with a million reasons why, when the truth is we were not the one for him, and he recognized it before we did. You can dress it up any way you want, but trust me, if a guy likes you, he'll call and make plans. And always remember, a guy does not have to "like" to you get intimate, so that means nothing in this new dating world. good luck

Best Friend said...

I'm glad someone said it. All three of Molly, Dating Trooper and Jgo are correct. If they aren't communicating, they aren't interested. They will call you if they like you.

I hope you like Lanky too...don't waste his time if you're not feeling it.

Michele said...

And the sad part I remember from when I was dating is that I always really liked the ones who were "just not into me" and I never liked the ones that were into me. I think it has to do with wanting what we can't have, etc. and the same goes for the guys.

jgo said...

Michele -- That's what always happens to me as well so dont feel like youre the only one. When we are lucky enough to find mutal like (that's how I like to say it), then those are the situations where relationships start from.