Monday, June 11, 2007

At the birthday dinner Saturday night, BG's bubbly friend and I were trying to figure out what actor Hot Cousin looked like. Yesterday, I realized who it was. The resemblance is strong. Although HC isn't quite so ripped when shirtless, he was still so damn fine. What a waste of such raw hotness. For goodness sake, my world was supposed to be rocked Saturday night!

Here are a couple pics of Justin Theroux that resemble HC. Do you feel my loss here!?

Tonight, Loverville is hosting a get together at a downtown bar that's somewhat off the beaten path. I invited Best Friend, and by sheer coincidence, she's already going to another shindig being hosted by another friend of hers at the same location.

Manhattan is a small island indeed.

I'm not even going to hypothesize about whether I'll meet a cute Real Live Guy tonight or not. Lordy, I don't know where this RLG streak is leading me!

--Cute Jewess


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

OK, I would have stalked Hot Cousin myself! I LOVE Justin Theroux...just looking at these pictures throws me completely off my game here at work. Maybe you can find him and just make absolutely sure his REALLY likes that girl he's dating??? ;-)'re better off renting his episodes on 6 Feet Under instead.

acaligurl said...


Madgirl said...

He's fine. Period pointe blanc.

that being said, his loss. He couldn't get it up, and had a lame-o excuse to boot. As my friend would have said to him, Behold the time, Bitch!

RH said...

I agree with Madgirl. Look he was totally embarrassed about mr. limpers and might have even point blank made up the story about the girl he "really likes" to distract you from thinking about his pathetic excuse for manhood. Way too coincidental timing... Unless, this same situation happens with the other girl and her reaction is to get up and make him a meatball sandwich and turn on some football. "...ah, I miss her. I must love her. bye!"

Loverville said...

RH -- now you've got me thinking about meatball sandwiches... yum!

But not surprisingly... not in the mood for a limp hot dog.