Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hot Piece has officially vanished, which is a shame, because boy he sure had some hot pieces. From wanting to take me out for a nothing. The mysteries of the dating world continue.

There are a couple new guys thrown into the Jdate mix, but I'll wait to see if they're worth reporting on.

Meanwhile, I anticipate my date with Smart Alec. There's of course a very good chance we won't click in person, which is a shame, since we've both enjoyed each others' correspondence so much. But honestly, if the sparks aren't there--or if he just turns out to be a jerk, which is a possibility--I will miss the correspondence more than the man. That giddy rush of checking the inbox--did he write? The ego boost when he compliments your writing, your humor, your pictures. It's all been very fun, and I'm glad I'm enjoying it so much. Because if it all ends next week? I'd prefer to have email-flirted and lost than never email-flirted at all.

I'm being courted on Jdate by a youngster in his mid-20s. He's kind of cute, but oy. I just don't think I can do it. I enjoy the conversation bits of dating as well as the physical--and this guy does not strike me as old beyond his years.

--Cute Jewess


bella said...

Now there's a interesting topic. Older woman, younger man. When single in the big apple, how choosy can you be? What's the difference between 25 and 35 anymore in NYC?

Cute Jewess said...

As choosy as makes one happy, and huge difference.

RH said...

I'm with with bella, CJ. I'm currently seeing someone who is only 26 (and I'm a bit over that!)but in person, WELL beyond his years (spent first 20 yrs of his life on another continent). But in writing/email/IM, totally says dorky stuff and not super witty. In person he's very funny, mature and confident---well worth finding out, methinks.

P.S. "Prefer to have email-flirted and lost than never email-flirted at all"-----priceless CJ quote.