Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's bizarre, but lately I haven't felt much like blogging. I think it's because there isn't any single guy that I'm excited about. You know what I am enjoying, though? The breeze coming through my window. You may think I'm bizarre, but a cool breeze through a window is one of my favorite things ever. Napping in a breeze? Heaven. I have memories from college, right before classes would begin, of hanging out my dorm window, overlooking campus, watching people go by and occasionally calling hi. There'd be a perfect cool breeze, and I remember feeling absolutely happy.

But what crap do you give about breezes, eh? I've got a party to report on.

Last night Loverville and I traipsed over to the party of a friend of hers. We were both wearing fab dresses, looking pretty hot and tempting. It was a long night! With a lot of drinking! Man, LV is a social butterfly. I knew this, but seeing it in action is very impressive. I'm more shy, for sure, and that was apparent last night. But overall, I did okay! LV introduced me to The Blond, whom I pretty much talked to for the whole party. We had fun, and a good vibe going, but this morning I'm not feeling blown away. I tried to think back--have I ever even kissed a blond? I don't think so! Someone so Aryan-looking has just never been my type.

There was a guy there who was pretty much the spitting image of my type: Tall, dorky-cute, successful and--and!--a cat lover. I realized I now have a new category of guy--Jackpot Guys. Those guys who seem absolutely perfect for you--on paper. ("On paper" being the key words here. Because until you get to know a person, he's still just an idea.) Anyway, I was with The Blond, and Jackpot Guy was immediately smitten with LV. So at least one of us got her flirt on with Mr. Jackpot! I would have been sorry to see him slip away to some random bimbo--and yeah, there were a few at this party. More fake boobies than I've seen in one room since I can remember.

So will I get in touch with The Blond? I enjoy his company enough to give it a shot, but I'm not sure I can picture kissing him. It's not just the blondness and blue eyedness. There's something a bit off there...but there was possibly also some sort of connection, so we will see. How's that?

--Cute Jewess


Single Girl said...

YAY for new guys! I think you should give The Blond a chance, you never know what might happen and if things don't work out, maybe he has a friend that is more your type!

I too enjoy a good breeze, but I prefer that breeze from a ceiling fan on high with the A/C cranked! That's what happens when you grow up in the South and live through 100 degree heat and 80% humidity!

Loverville said...

"until you get to know a person, he's still just an idea."

So, so true! I have to keep that in mind when I get overly excited about a guy after just one good date. (case in point: Witty Banter)

jgo said...

Sounds like its a fun time to go out with you two ladies.

What kind of party was this such that there were fake boobs abound. I have never been a fan of the fake boobs. Sure I probably couldnt spot them as easily in clothes like you ladies can but once the cloths come off its usually pretty obvious and not attractive.