Monday, June 25, 2007

We have an update. Allow me to share :-)

I saw Smooch Boy this weekend--I was with Best Friend, and we ran into him at a party. At the time, I was usual self. I had gone out with RH and her friends earlier and had a grand ole' time, drinking in the space of an hour and a half what I usually do in a whole night. By the time I saw Smooch Boy, I was pretty drunk. He was as cute as I remembered, but--and this is key!--not as sweet. I pretty much threw myself at him, which is so rare for me! Ah, the drink. He said that I "killed the mood," and that we'd get together another time. I'm not holding my breath. He won't likely call, and I'm okay with that. Best Friend's first impression of the less-than-sweet version of Smooch Boy? "Ugh, forget [Smooch Boy]. That guy was lame as lame could be. AND you didn't even make out! Please."

Moving on to Smiley, the first member of the Awesome Foursome whom I've met in person. I was prepared. Initially, he had seemed--on paper--like a great match for me, and I was excited about him. AND he emails/calls when he says he's going to--that's some pretty valuable currency in Guy Land. But by the time we met, we'd spoken on the phone a couple times, and I just wasn't feeling it. Something was missing--that unmistakable connection called "spark."

In person, Smiley is not quite as dashing as his pics, though he does have that attractive smile. We had a nice date--he's a good guy, there weren't any awkward pauses in conversation. But I'm not sure if the chemistry is there. Still, I'd give him another shot. He said he would call to get together again, and I'd see him again if he does. But for now, I think he's demoted to the regular Guy List. Which leaves me with an Awesome Threesome.

Prime among the three? Is SmartAlec. We have a definite connection over email--like I've never had with another Jguy before. I'm nervous about meeting him--will I measure up in person? I'd be sad to see this one go. And I have a feeling it'll be quite hard to live up to the virtual image he has of me. If I don't like him, however? I'd still be sad to see him go--at least, the idea I have of him. Right now, it's fun. I almost don't want to ruin that by actually meeting.

But I can't make out with an idea. So, yeah, it'll happen at some point ;-)

--Cute Jewess


Land Mines said...

Seems like things are going well! Glad you found out Smooch Boy was lame before you wasted too much time on him.

Can't wait for an update when you meet SmartAlec!

jgo said...

Good to hear the update.

What worries me is your buildup. Dont build someone up too much in your head before meeting them. It is bad! You will get way too nervous. And if it doesnt go well it is such a let down. I say this only because I dont like reading about you all sad.

Dont doubt yourself so much either. Its not that you dont measure up... it's that youre not right for each other.

Heather said...

LOL this is true-would be nice to have a real tongue, not a virtual one HA ;)

Smooch boy-what a shame! Oh well-threesome, better than nosome!

Ok-let me just tell you that I had a glass of wine tonight, and apparently that's all I need to be stupid!

Good luck with everything!! :)

Loverville said...

I have to disagree with JGO -- I think it's worth it to enjoy that excitement / anticipation while it lasts! (with a dose of grounded-ness, of course)

After all, how often in life do we get *really* excited about something? Savor it while it lasts... and I hope it lasts a long time, well after you meet him!

jgo said...

Nice debate Loverville. I guess my opinion comes from both reading CJs blog and personal experience. I really hate the letdown so I avoid it happening so much which is what tends to happen with internet dates. Maybe I am just a pessimist at heart but every time I start getting excited about someone it crashes and burns.

molly said...

Hi there, hope this is not a duplicate as I tried to leave a comment earlier. My suggestion to you, watch the alcohol. I may be confusing posts and blogs, but it seems like everytime you saw smooch guy, you were drunk, tipsy, etc. Ironically, that is quite a buzz kill for a guy who wants to date someone, a girl who is always drunk. be careful.