Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hmmm. How to blog about this? I'm a bit superstitious about saying things are going well. Because then something inevitably happens to muck it up.

So let's just say there are 4 Jdate guys whom I'm very excited about. AND--here's the best part--they all seem pretty darn excited about me too. (One is new since the last post--Loverville suggested I call him SmartAlec, which works perfectly because he's intellectual but also sarcastic. Just my style!)

I've got 2 dates in the next week so far, with Forgotten and Aggy, neither of whom are part of the Awesome Foursome. In fact, I think Aggy and I will wind up friends, and we're both cool with that. You'll perhaps ask for more details, so I'll just say now that's all I feel comfortable sharing. Don't worry--you're not missing out on any story :)

The Awesome Foursome are: Hot Piece, Smiley, Sporty, and SmartAlec. If I had to choose right now--and of course, not having met any of them, I can only talk about virtual impressions--I would go with Smiley. Oh, I heart him. For longtime readers of CJTA, you may remember I described my dream husband's profession several months back. Please don't share in comments if you remember! But this guy? Is that profession. Swoon. ALSO? He's hot. ALSO? He's so nice over email! He apologizes when he doesn't get in touch in a timely fashion. He compliments me. He's just plain great!

Now's the time when I always get nervous about my own first impression. Will I measure up to the virtual idea these guys have of me? I dunno, but I always think I'll find a way to screw it up. So think good thoughts for me, and hope I don't commit some awful faux pas, okay!?

--Cute Jewess


Eve said...

Congrats and good luck!

Heather said...

Good Luck! I'm sure you'll be fine-they should be more worried! :)


jgo said...

I am glad to hear about all of this but remember not to build it up too much in your head before you meet anyone if it already isnt too late.

Loverville said...

I like that you've dubbed them the Awesome Foursome! Do they each have a unique superpower?

Actually -- Smiley's ability to contact you in a timely manner could be a superpower -- not every guy has that ability!