Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We can take another Jguy off the list, albeit not the Awesome Threesome.

Had a date with Forgotten, and, well, he will easily be so. Not a bad guy, not a disaster date. Just no spark whatsoever. He was very lean, and fidgety, as if he had too much energy to spare. This guy must have the metabolism of a house fly, because he doesn't seem the amphetamine type. I'll be surprised if he calls--we ended the evening on a handshake. Next!

I have a date set up with SmartAlec, although our schedules don't correspond for a couple weeks, alas. We're both excited about the date, but don't worry. There are a few red flags that are keeping my excitement level within bounds.

Meanwhile, Hot Piece, the inaugural member of the Awesome Foursome, has vanished. He seemed eager to call but never did. Hmm, maybe I'll check in. The only thing is, I have nothing to say to him. Our conversation already ended at its natural point, leading to the phone # request. We've already discussed what we have in common. I always have something to write--but not so much to this guy. Perhaps not a great sign.

I'm tired. Not sleeping too well of late. Also, not eating very well this week. Gotta get my act together, folks!

--Cute Jewess


e.b. said...

Look at you rockin and rollin'. Get some sleep and rest up - no need for all this dating to make you ill!

acaligurl said...

oh! i must catch up on dear cute j.
i took a week off...
so, here i go on catch up to see whats up with u.

Loverville said...

fyi -- you've been tagged!

Cute Jewess said...

Sorry, kid! I was tagged for something similiar and did it a few months ago--but that was before I became more cagey about personal details :)