Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I might just be ready to call the drought a thing of the past--keinahora! Shall we Jupdate? The first three have been mentioned in past posts that I'm too lazy to link too--scroll down, bitches.
  • Aggy: Something tells me he's not going to call. Here's a question--he might be a fun guy to fool around with once in a while, which seems to be what he wants anyway. So can I call him? Keep in mind I've gotten in touch the past 2 times!
  • Hot Piece: Swoon. He's got my number.
  • Forgotten: He had to cancel our last date. Will he get in touch to reschedule?
  • Smiley: This guy is CUTE. And has a great smile. I emailed him months ago with no response, then took another chance this week. He emailed back all cute and flirty like. Gotta tread carefully with this one, because he's dreamy and just my type.
  • Sporty: He's new too. And HOT. Mmmm, biceps. I emailed him, held my breath, and he wrote back eagerly. Yay!
  • Doc Meh: He emailed me during the drought, and I think that's why I emailed back. He's short, only passably cute, and his emails haven't been stunning. I'm not in a rush to get back in touch, or can't you tell?
  • Science Dude: We Jdate IM-ed the other day. We'll see if he emails or not to follow up.

Smooch Boy doesn't really belong on the Jupdate, but he hasn't called. Sweet talk is so much sweeter when followed by sweet actions!

He better hurry too, because my schedule (please oh please?) might be getting busy. (Keinahora!!!)

--Cute Jewess


Heather said...

GO CJ GO! sounds like a promising line up!

anne said...

The only thing to say is Mazel Tov!