Thursday, June 07, 2007

To my surprise, Smooch Boy just gets sweeter. But you know how I like to start with a teaser and save the good stuff for the end, right?

For the first time since I started this blog (the real first time, back in November), I can give you a Real Live Guy update. It's been a busy week for Real Live Guys. Not all successful stories, but stories nonetheless. I think this means I'm getting a tad less shy! Maybe even more approachable! Shocker.

Last night I went to my favorite local bar with a girlfriend, Sporty, to hang out with her and my bartender friends. But when a seat opened up near us at the bar, these 3 cute dudes sat right down. Well, okay, I thought 2 of them were cute. But the third one was just LV's type--so zounds that she wasn't there :(

Okay, so these guys seemed a tad on the young side (latish mid-20's, I'd say), but when the one right next to me initiated some witty back and forth, who was I not to be charming and delightful? (Meaning, of course, that I teased him a bit and let myself be teased.) The second cutie tried to jump into the convo too, but he was a bit too far down the bar. Sporty had to leave a bit early, and I left with her. But I made Real Live Cutie (RLC?) promise to come back to that bar again. Who knows if our paths will meet--but if they do? Yummmmm. So, RLC = Real Live Guy #1.

You've met #2 before, The Blond. We've been emailing back and forth a bit, and I'm sure we'll see each other at some point. If nothing else, I enjoy hanging out with him. I did suggest we go to the very same local bar where I met let's hope he doesn't choose that night to pop back into my life and charm me to pieces.

Real Live Guy #3? Um, that's a funny story. I may be a bit pink-faced here! Remember Jackpot? Well, my "Jackpot" and LV's "Sweet Tall Guy," that is. She smooched him a bit at Saturday night's party but wasn't that into him. I'd spoken to him for only a minute or so, but he was so my type. So, um, when he didn't call LV back, she tossed me his email. Can I really do this? I asked her. Sure, she said. Why not? So I emailed Jackpot (and I paraphrase): Hey, remember me? You were hanging with my friend? Well, she thinks you and I might get along better. Email me back because I'm adorable and I think you are too! (Okay, so that last part was just in my head.)

Jackpot didn't email back, alas, and I doubt he will. Stupidhead. But we kind of knew that already when he gave up LV, now didn't we?

Alright, back to Smoochy. I did not expect him to call. I'm not sure why I didn't, I just...didn't. Maybe because I'd held back so much when he tried to kiss me (prude!). Maybe because it's rare when you meet a guy at a party and he actually calls. For whatever reason, I just didn't think he'd get in touch. But I wasn't sweating it, because I knew I'd see him again at another party in ten days or so. I figured, I'll just see him then, and see if he still seems interested. Maybe get some more kissing going on if I'm lucky--and if he's lucky :) No big. No agonizing on my end. Just "To be continued."

Except...Smooch Boy called me the very night after we met and left me one of the sweetest messages a guy's ever left me. Not that I listened to it at first. I didn't pick up the call because I didn't recognize the number. I figured it must be a Jdate guy, and I wasn't in the mood to make small talk with a stranger. I flipped open my phone and pressed "Call" to listen to the voicemail. Yeah, except remember: I am not slick. Despite appearances, I am a big dork. The voicemail hadn't registered yet. I was calling back the "Missed call."

"You're screening your calls?" said a deep, sexy voice. I immediately thought: Whose!?? There were a couple Jdate guys it could I'd just draw him out until I could figure it out.

"Yup! Sure am!"

He proceded to tell me he does that too, and he kept talking a bit, and I realized--hey! It's Smoochy! We didn't talk long--I was a bit flustered--but we arranged to meet up at this future party next weekend. He said he'd call to remind me. Cute.

When we hung up, I listened to his voicemail, in that same deep, resonant voice: "I just wanted to say it was a joy to talk to you last night. And I hope you're still thinking about me."

Smoochy, when you leave me a message like that, how can I not?

"To be continued..."

--Cute Jewess

(P.S. Real Live Guys sure take up a lot of writing space, now don't they!?!)

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a&v said...

I like this Smoochy! You must've nearly died when you realized you accidentally called him, but it turned out so well!