Monday, June 04, 2007

I've owed Tall Dark a phone call for a while, but I kept putting it off. He's not really my type--and I'm not sure I find him attractive. But our emails have been perfectly fine, and he left me a nice voicemail message, and we found we like some of the same restaurants. So. Why not give it a try?

We finally connected via phone, and he seems like a guy I can go on a date with. We'll have enough to talk about. He'll treat me nicely. So at some point, I'm sure we'll meet up. Maybe I'll find him more attractive in person.

How do I feel about that? How do you think? Meh.

Tomorrow will be another party with LV and more flirting opportunities, although I don't anticipate the crowd being much my type. Still, I think it will be fun! I'm planning to wear a dress I've never worn before--and it has the shortest skirt I will have ever put on. I will hope LV gives me her honest opinion of how it looks. If it's not my most flattering dress, I'll just file it in the back of my closet! It was a cheapie anyway.

LV and I were laughing the other night about how she thought The Blond was cuter than Jackpot, and I thought the opposite. We should develop a secret language for these things for parties :) So the Secret Conversation might go something like this:

Pssst! Your dude is cute!
You think? Yours is cuter!
Hey, wanna swap?
Sure! They won't notice anyway.
Because boys are stupid.

(Boys! I joke!)

--Cute Jewess


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Trust me, boys have far worse Secret Conversations about us! I've unfortunately been told more of this than I ever want to know. I've met a few recently who confessed that they refer to us as "Targets," as in, "I see a target over there. I will go up and talk to her friend and totally ignore her so she will get jealous and then want me." happens. They can be stupid, but at the same time, scarily clever, eh?
Sounds like you and LV make quite a team though!!

Loverville said...

DT -- it's true! It's good that CJ and I have mostly opposite tastes in guys!

Funny, I was going to blog about that yesterday, then the post got too long.

jgo said...

What DT says is true. Guys have all of these techniques for picking up the ladies. I dont do this since I am an internet dater but go google for things like "The art of seduction," "the game," "sarging," etc.

acaligurl said...

love the secret conversation.