Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A couple days ago, I emailed a Jdate profile of the paradigm of dorky cute. What a catch for Cute Jewess! However, he hasn't logged onto Jdate since I emailed him. Dorky Cute, don't you realize? You should be emailing me back right now! I'm adorable! And haven't you been reading lately? Now I'm easy!

(I kid! I kid!!!)

Ok, so ever since Smooch Boy left me his sweet-as-pie voicemail message last week, I've been looking forward to seeing him at a party this Friday. It was going to be so fun! But I don't think this is going to happen. The reason? Because I know more about him than he thinks I do. Ah, Google.

Smooch Boy's MySpace page says he's going out of town this weekend. Starting Friday. So why would he have said he'd see me this weekend? No doubt, he just forgot. Easy explanation. But once he remembered, he could have let me know, don't you think? He said he'd call me late this week to remind me to see him. He seemed so sincere. Do I expect him to call? We'll see. He's surprised me before.

Something tells me Smooch Boy wouldn't be a Mr. Limpers (to use RH's euphamism). Not that I'd be finding out on Friday, in any case :)

--Cute Jewess


Anonymous said...

ooh, myspace can be deadly addictive. it's amazing what you can find out about what's going on with people, even if they think they are sly, by reading their comments and their friends comments. is to hoping he's leaving town post-party Friday night!

Eve said...

Mr. Limpers! That is classic!

Heather said...

crossing my fingers that Smooch boy will come through!